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Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Iron Bed, White Canopy, White Wall, White Curtain, Pink Bedding, Pink Rug
Kids Bedroom, White Floor, White Wall, Black Iron Bed, White Brown Midcentury Modern Table Chair Stool, Pendant
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Iron Bed, Blue Wall, Wall Decoration, Flower Bedding, White Bedside Table, White Basket
Kids Bedroom, White Floor, White Wall, Wooden Bedside Table, Wooden Chair, Yellow Iron Bed, White Wall, Window
Kids Bedroom, Chevron Wooden Floor, White Wall Ceiling, White Iron Bed Platform, Mauve Canopy, Wooden Table And Chairs, White Modern Chair, Built In Shelves, Pink Curtain, Pendant
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Green Iron Bed, White Wall, Wooden Side Table
Kids Room, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall, Flower Wallpaper, Rattan Baskets, White Iron Bed, White Pnik Bedding, Wooden Side Table
Kids Bedrom, White Wooden Floor, Colorful Rug, White Iron Bed, Warm Bedding, Pillows, White Gren Wall
Kids Bedroom, Rug Flooring, Veige Wall, White Iron Bed, Layers Of Blankets, Pillows, Floating Shelves, Brown Curtain, Fairy Lights
Kids Bedroom, White Iron Bed, White Floor, White Wall, Flowery Wallpaper, White Canopy, White Cabinet, Rattan Chair

There are many options in choosing the bed platform you want for your kids. If you love natural material for bed platform, you can go to the previous articles. However, if you love stronger and sturdier bed platform, these ones here are what your looking for: iron bed. And not only that. With the strong and curvy pattern it also offers you elegance. Let’s see some inspirations below.

Pretty Ambiance
If you want to create a pretty ambiance, iron bed is what you need. Painted in white, this iron bed look enchanting with its curvy patterns on the side. The dark pink canopy looks lovely, along with the pink curtain. The warmth in the Chevron wooden floor makes the room feels more stylish.

Vintage Look
As in the olden days iron is the popular items to have in the bedroom, it can be interestingly vintage when the ambiance is right. With layers of blanket and pillows, this one here takes in the vintage look on the bed.

Flowery Compliments
In this tall and pretty kids room, the flower wallpaper and white canopy are such a stunning touches to the room. They have been complimenting the white iron bed that looks elegant with the curves and lanky features.

Flowers All Over
Similar to the previous one, this one too depicts flowery ambiance with the bedding, decoration, even the curvy patterns on the iron bed. Combined together, it looks perfect for flower themed bedroom.

Comfort Look
While the previous ones are quite curvy and it feels like it’s for girls. This one here is more genderless. Designed with simple curve on the foot, it does not give any difficult details. And that means it is more free to adjust with any styles.

Simple Princess
Being princess has been many girls’ dream all over the world. And this iron bed can help your princess to be one too. Adding iron canopy with crown shape obviously will make her happier. And that’s all it needs to create the simplest princess room.

Bigger Girl
For a bigger girl, iron bed with less details is probably the perfect option. This one here depicts a sweet looking iron bed with pretty details without being too much. Together with flower wallpaper behind the bed, it all a complete look.

Black Iron
The previous ones are mostly looking feminine and your boys probably do not want it. However, this one here offers darker look and much simpler design that can go with any gender and any looks of bedroom.

Go Green
While the previous ones are mostly in white or black, this one here shows rather different approach. Iron bed does not have to always look white or black. It can be as fun and refreshing as green like seen below.

Cheerful Yellow
Along with the green iron bed, this yellow iron bed are also looking fresh and cheerful. While it brings more elegance to the room, it also brings joy in the white neutral bedroom.

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