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Basement, Brown Floor, Brown Wall, White Low Bookshelves, Low Colorful Table Chair, Mat, Toys
Basement, Striped Mat, Low Black Table With Green Stools, White Ceiling, LED Cloud Lamp, Yellow Wall, Bookshelves, White Shelves
Basement, White Wall, Hockey Field With Goal Post
Basement, White Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, Black Pendants, Wooden Shelves Storage, Black White Striped Tent
Basement, Grey Floor, Green Mat, Blue Wall, Boxes Shaped Like House, Wooden Car With Wheel
Basement, White Rug, Blue Rug, White Wall, Chandelier, White Shelves, White Tent, White Bench
Basement, Grey Floor, White Wall, Colorful Wall, White Built In Shelves And Drawers, White Sofa, Ottoman, Lounge Chair, Low Study Set
Basement, Colorful Mats, White Wooden Bookshelves, Green Wall, Yellow Bench, Trees
Basement, Beige Floor, Beige Wall, Yellow Slide, Toys, Matrass
Basement, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Wall, White Wooden Shelves, Low Study Set, Blackboard, Windows

If you have basement and you want to make it really useful apart from making it as storing space, creating a fun and cheerful playroom for kids can be a really great idea. These ten gorgeous playrooms for kids will help you generates some inspirations you can do with your basement.

Slide in the Basement
While slide is commonly seen outdoor, this one here brings the outdoor fun indoor. Adding not only the usual slide but the round slide, this one here shows a really interesting shape and colors to make the room more fund and cheerful.

Hockey Field
If you want to support sport aspirations your children have, creating sports field can be really fun too. This one here creates hockey field in the basement with neutral color with bright accent.

Kids Room
This unfinished basement creates a great space for kids with low shelves, benches, and study set. With interesting mat, the kids can explore their imagination and play some games too. The toys are in its own group and it makes the room tidier.

Book Corner
One of the simplest yet practical thing to create in the basement is book corner. And this one here has nailed the fund and cheerful book corner for kids with the comfortable mat on the floor, bench, and the tress in the corner.

Small City
This one here creates a small city in the basement that even the adults can see the charm. With large boxes shaped like houses, this basement can be a great place to role play.

Large Playroom
If you want to accommodate both study area and play area, this one here probably can meet your need with study sett and spacious area to play. It also accommodates the shelves to store the toys tidily after playing time.

Simple Playroom
This basement shows the simplest playroom with tidy storage on the wall and black and white striped tent. Of course, the large space makes it a great place to play and run around for kids.

Small Study Area
If your basement is used for another needs and you can only provide small space, you can create a nice corner like this with only bookshelves and low study table and chair set.

White Playroom
If you love to decorate your room in white, you will love this white playroom. This white room will help your basement to look spacious and will brings calm in the room too. With white tent in the corner and toys ready in the shelves, the kids can have a great time.

Comfortable Playroom
If you want to create a comfortable space for your kids, this one here can show you some ideas in combining fun and comfort. In putting comfort, it uses grey rug, lounge chair, white sofa, and ottoman. Meanwhile, it injects fun in the colorful statement wall and toys and bright colors cushion and chair.

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