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Double Curtain With White In The Outer Curtain And Peach For Inner Curtain
Windows With Stick Blinds And Curtains
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See Through Curtain For Velux Window
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Bamboo Shades For Large Windows In Japanese House
Beautiful White Curtain For Apex Windows
Double White Curtain Opened In Two Different Ways For A Clear Glass Window

Windows are one of the most important parts of a house. Without windows, a room can feel so wrapped in carbon dioxide, hot, and dark. With windows, the air is circulated perfectly, the light shines well, the energy is saved, you won’t feel suffocated. However, with windows, come curtains. Surely you want to make sure that you have chosen the right curtain for your windows. Well, to make sure you do, you will need to see some ideas below here.


Double Curtains

To create the shade that you want, you need to consider the material and how many layer you want. If you like some thing light, you might want to double the layer like this one. With this kind of material and layer, you still got enough light but not too direct to your room.


Double Romantic Ways

For a romantic person, this is probably the most beautiful of all with its see through curtains that creates certain light diffusion. When it’s opened in two different ways like this, it creates a pretty effect to the room.


Play with Color

Curtain is probably one of the easiest thing you can change in your room that will take an immediate strong effect. And that can be done easily when you play with the strong colored curtain, like this one below. IF it’s changed to yellow, it will have really different effect.


Falling Banners

For those who appreciate shades and privacy, this one is really great for your room. This one offers a different kinds of shading only by moving and arranging it differently.


White Shutters 

For those who love to have more precise shade in only one opening and closing the window, shutter might be the best. It surely gives more light when it’s opened and not entirely darkened the room when it’s closed when you have this kind of see through material.


Japanese Shades

As Japanese likes to connect with nature, they tend to have everything made by bamboo or wood. And that is also the reason why they love large sliding windows and doors. To shade their large windows or doors, too, they love something that will leave natural view seen but still give them privacy, like this see through shades.


Sticks Blinds

If you want to filter the light and enhance the privacy of your house without closing the windows, this sticks blinds in perfect for you.


Velux Windows 

With velux windows, some people just give up in giving some curtain because of the not-flat surface. However, it can be taken care of. You can have beautiful curtains to shade your windows in anything you want, like this one here below.


Apex Windows

This one here below is for apex window that has its own kind of corner in the middle. The simplest thing to do is by attaching the curtain directly to the window’s frame and create a beautiful angled curtain. Of course, make sure the below line is beautifully arranged.


Dormer Windows 

This one here is for dormer windows that angled only to one side. As you can see, as simple as the previous one, curtains for this one only needs to be attached on the outer line of the windows and the curtain will fall following the gravity.


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