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kitchen with black floor, white cabinet above and under, blue wall, blue ombre fish scale backsplash Domino

Kitchen With White Cabinet, Black Marble Top, Grey Floor, Grey Shiny Backsplash
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, Brown Wooden Top, White Sink, White Wall, Orange Pegboard
Kitchen With Black Cabinet, Grey Marble Top, White Hexagonal Backsplash, Hanging Lamp, Hanging Rail
Kitchen With White Cabinet, White Marble Top, White Wall, Greey Tiles Backsplash, Wooden Board Shelves
Kitchen With Black Cabinet, White Marble Top, Custom Backsplash
Black Sink With Golden Faucet, Black Cabinet With Golden Handles, Black Marble Top, Brown Patterned Backsplash
White Sink With White Cabinet Under, Green Hexagonal Tiles Backsplash, Wooden Board Shelf
Kitchen With Grey Cabinet, Grey Marble Top, White Tiles Backsplash, Grey Cabinet Above, Grey Wooden Board Shelves
Kitchen With Black Cabinet With Golden Handles, White Marble Top, Golden Shiny Tiles Backsplash, Black Board Shelves
Kitchen With Black Floor, White Cabinet Above And Under, Blue Wall, Blue Ombre Fish Scale Backsplash

Backsplash is part of the kitchen that doesn’t seem to be the first priority when it comes to build a kitchen. However, if it’s given much attention, the kitchen can look amazing. In fact, a kitchen can rely solely to the backsplash alone just to make it looks amazing. We’ll now see kitchens that have astonishing backsplash that has been a strong focal point.

Ombre Fish Scales

Among white kitchen cabinet that uses all white with a little bit of blue accent, having blue tone backsplash is obviously will complement the room. One can choose a simple one but this one has a really beautiful ombre blue scales that will make anyone recall blue ocean. As you can see, the blue scales backsplash is clearly the focal point here.


Shiny Fringes

It is not literally fringe that they put as the backsplash but its shine looks like the shine you usually see in fringes. This kind of backsplash will bring your kitchen into a place merrier as it twinkle. With its minimalist surrounding, the twinkle of the backsplash looks luminous.


Green Hexagon

Among white surrounding, it is easy to bring out bold colour to be the focal point of a room’s look. With this moss green hexagon tiles, the kitchen looks so refreshed. The minimalist colour beside green really helps the green tiles to look amazingly stand out and refreshing the kitchen very well.


Moss Green Tiles

Similar with the previous picture, this picture also has green moss tiles that looks stand out in the entire kitchen. It’s a good match with the white cabinet and marble top. It also looks great with the plants that spread to the wall.


Orange Skin

If you are looking for a multipurpose backsplash, pegboard is one of the options. This one here uses pegboard as the backsplash and get the orange colour that make it looks like an orange skin. It is a unique way to show the fresh side of a fruit in the kitchen and it also makes the kitchen looks bright. Moreover, the pegboard can be used to help you put many utensils so it is in the reach of your hand when you need it.


White Minimalist Hexagonal

Similar to the aforementioned above that used hexagon tiles; this one here also uses hexagon tiles to bring out its charm. However, unlike the previous hexagon tiles, this one only uses minimalist colour. Even though the backsplash is in white, it still capture the attention from the moment our eyes set to this room.


Shiny Golden

Not quite different from the shiny one before, this one here also uses shiny tiles to support the look of their kitchen. And rose gold almost like chopper is the colour that they choose. Supporting this shiny colour is the black cabinet and white marble top as well as black board shelves.


Complicated Pattern

If you want to put attention to the backsplash, one thing you can do is choosing a complicated pattern. With unusual pattern, surely people’s attention will draw to it.


White Calm Station Tiles

These oldies tiles remind us to an old building with horizontal small tiles that looks simple, clear, and familiar. With these white tiles, the room’s greyish tone looks alive. The white tiles looks stand out and pops in the grey environment.


Custom Tiles

The backsplash in this kitchen is really interesting. It consists of two different shapes of tiles with different colour in the middle. With this unique combination, backsplash looks like a serious business here. And of course, you can only get this kind of thing from having it custom made.

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