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Seeing a blue color can give a soothing effect to our minds whenever we are at home. Thus, choosing the right color can affect our quality life as well. Navy blue color can be a good choice to increase the visual beauty in our kitchen. Having a cheerful conversation with our family while getting the calm ambiance of the marine blue color gives good impression when we start our day or return to home. Here you can see great ideas to beautify your kitchen using navy blue cabinets.

Navy Blue Wooden Panel

You can have the cabinet panels and the door panels in the kitchen in matching navy blue color. The white tone in the countertop islands and the wall balances the view in the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances give the touch of modern kitchen while wooden chairs and pepper shakers can be the optional way on the last touch.

Futuristic Navy Blue Cabinets

Navy blue color can be used in a modern kitchen theme. Glossy marine color in the panels and the glossy white in the countertop gives the mirror look on your island. Adding one glass panel in the cabinet can be a creative idea to make your appliances ads a showcase. Hanging glass ball lamp and glass panel windows give the finishing touch on the futuristic look.

Navy Blue Cabinets with Shingle Panels

Glass appliance can be dangerous if you have energetic kids playing around in the kitchen. It may shatters and hurt us. Worry not, as you can get shingle panels in your cabinets to create rustic theme in your kitchen. Moreover you do not need to give the details on your showcase appliances.

Porcelain Sink as the Stand Point in Navy Blue Cabinets

If you want to make your porcelain sink as the standpoint, you can use the color of blue and white. Painting the cabinets and the wall in navy blue color while having the counter top and the framed windows in white tone will magnify the beauty of your sink.

Mediterranean Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

The marine color of the kitchen cabinets combined with the yellow back splash creates the Mediterranean effect in your kitchen, especially when you use the terracotta floor. The last touch will add the special look on your kitchen.

Timeless Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Navy blue color can be a good choice to repaint your old kitchen cabinets. Contrary to popular beliefs, the color does not create a crowded view in your kitchen. Beside, you do not need to pay extra outcome when you can reuse your cabinetry in different color.

Modern Navy Blue Looks

You can also get a modern touch on your old cabinets using navy blue color. Adding more stainless steel appliances will create a fresh and sleek touch in your kitchen. Besides, the grain in the cabinet will captivate your eyes.

Navy Blue Corner Hutches

If you are too afraid to use blue color in your dining room, simply use the blue color on the cabinets only. The hutches in the corner will balance the white themed. Placing the dining looks in the center give the symmetrical looks on your kitchen.

White and Blue Kitchen

You can balance the white and blue color in your kitchen by using the navy blue color in the bottom part and the white color in the upper part. This way, you will not feel lonely eating in the dining room as the blue color is well-adjusted by the white color in the upper part.

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