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woven rattan back bar stool with black metal legs, white marble top, white wooden ceiling, white wall, white marble backsplash, black cover pendants Becki Owens

Wooden Bar Stool With Back, Woven Seating, White Kitchen Cabinet Island, Light Grey Tiles Wall, Grey Cabinet, White Cabinet, Floating Shelves
Wooden Bar Stool With Back, Wooden Island With White Top, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet, White Backsplash, Golden Top Cabinet
Grey Cushion Seated Bar Stool With Wooden Leges, Grey Kitchen Island With White Top, White Cabinet, White Backsplash, Black Cover Pendants, Sinl
Wooden Bar Stool With Back, Wooden Legs, Grey Island With White Marble Top, White Backsplash, White Cabinet
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Black Island With White Porcelain Top, White Subway Tiles On Wall, Wooden Framed Windows, Wooden Stool With Metal Legs
Woven Rattan Back Bar Stool With Black Metal Legs, White Marble Top, White Wooden Ceiling, White Wall, White Marble Backsplash, Black Cover Pendants
Black Wired Bar Stool On Back And Legs, Wooden Island With White Top, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Backsplash Tiles, Black Cover Pendants
Orange Bar Stool With Back, Black Metal Legs, Dark Grey Island With White Top, White Cabinet, White Wall, White Top Cabinet, Wooden Floor
Acrylic Bar Stool With Back, Golden Legs, White Kitchen Island, White Subway Wall Tiles, White Cover Pendant
White Thin Topped Kitchen Island, Black Modern Bar Stools, White Cabinet, White Wood Planks Wall, White Ceiling, Black Pendant, Black Wall

Having kitchen island means having another communal place other than living room. And for that, it is important to make the kitchen island area looks and feels comfortable. Here below are some gorgeous kitchen island and the stools that creates the comfort for people using it.

Warm Simplicity
Even in a simplicity, warmth can be gained. Seen in this simple and modern kitchen, the kitchen island in really minimalist both in color and design. Completed with brown wooden seating with sleek lines that is supported with metal legs.

White Kitchen
Creating a neutral look with white is so interesting. Seen in this picture, white kitchen island here looks adorable accompanied with clear acrylic bar stool with golden accent on the legs.

Black and White
The combination of black and white is always interesting and complementing. It is also minimalist and simple. As the colors support modern look for interior design, this one here also uses clean and sleek lines from the cabinet, island, and even the curvy bar stool.

Comfortably Talking
As kitchen island often times become the substitution of dining table set, it is really comfortable to have a simple yet comfortable seating, like this one here. With white kitchen that looks simple and minimalist, grey seating stools that looks sturdy and comfortable accompanied the set.

All Wooden
Wood material is like the all go-to look. It is natural, neutral, comfortable and warm. It can also be matched with another color safely. Seen in this kitchen, the warm and simple kitchen island accompanied with wooden bar stool that looks pretty.

Woven Stool
Interesting stools will be a great touch to kitchen island, even if the island is already beautiful like this one below. With white marble kitchen island top, this island has been astounding but paired with woven rattan bar stool, it looks really comfortable and inviting.

Wooden Curvy Stools
Creating natural theme look will always be easy and practical when the kitchen island and stools are already from natural material like marble and wood. Added with flowers to sweeten the room, it looks lovely even from the first time coming to the room.

Warm Orange
If you love minimalist look with neutral color but want to add some warm color, earthy colors like orange and warm brown are perfect to make the room looks balanced. Seen in this one below, among the minimalist kitchen, the warm orange bar stool looks bold but not quite steal the attention. The warmth on orange makes the room more welcoming for dining.

Black Wired
Adding texture sometimes makes the room more interesting while also having more dimensions. In this kitchen, while the kitchen island looks smooth and clean, the black wired stools balance the look with more geometric lines too. With this interesting look, it is more inviting to stay longer at dinner.

Small and Warm
While the previous one depicts how comfortable a large kitchen island are, this one here is more of using the long cabinet to be the island. But, worry not, because with wooden bar stool with woven seating here looks really warm and traditional that it makes you want to sit all day.

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