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white marble countertop round kitchen island with 4 white chair with blue covers and cushions JMA Interior Design

White Glossy Kitchen Islands With Handleless Units And Seat For 4
Wooden Kitchen Island With 4 Seats
White Marble Countertop Round Kitchen Island With 4 White Chair With Blue Covers And Cushions
Black Long Kitchen Island With Round End And 4 Brown Wooden Seat
Polished Countertop And Wooden Legs Kitchen Islands With Seating For 4
Grey Marble Countertop Kitchen Island With 4 High Round Chair With Cushion
Simple White Countertop With Wooden Cabinet Below And White High Chair For 4
Long Grey Kitchen Island With Drawers And Seats For 4
White Marble Countertop With White Cabinet Kitchen Island With 4 Dark Brown Seats
Grey Marble Countertop With Blue Pink Mosaic Base And 4 High Green Translucent Chair

One of the places that you can have your family and friends gathering around and eat together is in the living room, or in the kitchen island. With Kitchen Island, you can be closer to the cooking process and have conversation even when the food hasn’t been served. Besides that, if your friend or your mother is the cook, you can accompany them or give them suggestion as to what they should do to the food. Here are some of ideas of Kitchen Island that you might love.

Traditional Kitchen Island

In traditional one, the counter is really simple. In this picture, you can see the counter is brown wooden counter top with white wood base. The chair is also simple: black high chair with back and cushion.

Modern Kitchen Island

While the previous is carry traditional look, this one carries modern look with its white high gloss counter top and white wooden base. The chair is also white leatherette high chair.

Natural Touch on Kitchen Island

This one bring traditional look but with natural wooden touch on the base and legs although the counter top itself made from marble. As for the chairs, they are made of wood.

Modern White Kitchen Island

This one also looks so modern with its white marble counter top and white wooden base. The color of the chairs have dark natural wooden look.

Long Round Kitchen Island

This one uses the long space available and makes the kitchen island long too; with a little round end for the 4 seats surround it. The top is from white marble while the base is made from wood.

Modern Grey Kitchen Island

This one looks compact and clean with its white wooden base and light grey counter top. The chairs are high and the cushions make them pretty.

Simple Kitchen Island

If you look at this, you might think that this is really simple without leaving the beauty of it. The white kitchen makes it clean and beautiful. The counter top of the kitchen and the kitchen island are in white, as well as the chair, while the cabinet and the kitchen island base are in brown wooden touch.

simple white countertop with wooden cabinet below and white high chair for 4

Wright Way Builders

Round Black Kitchen Island

This one looks elegant with round end for Kitchen Island where you can group 4 brown wooden seats together.

Blue in White Island

The color is really beautiful in this one picture. The white kitchen looks lively with blue cover on the chairs. The round white marble of the kitchen island makes the kitchen island slender and pretty.

Light Color on Nature

The chosen colors are also gorgeous! The kitchen is in natural woody color while the kitchen island is in grey on top and blue pink mosaic for base. The chair is the high chair with green translucent color.

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