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stove on brown woden top kitchen island Elad Gonen Photography

Stove On Brown Granite Top Kitchen Island
Glass Stove On Grey Concrete Top Kitchen Island
Stove On Grey Granite Top Kitchen Island
Stove On White Granite Top Island
A Small Brown Granite Kitchen Island With Six Stoves Unter Cooker Hood
Stove On Top Of The Kitchen Cabinet With Granite Top, Under The Pendant
Stove On White Glossy Island Under Alumunium Cooker Hood
Brown Yellow Granite Top Kitchen Island With Six Stove Under A Square Cooker Hood
Stove On Brown Woden Top Kitchen Island
Black Richlite Top Island With Stove On Top And Cooker Hood On Top Of The Table

There are some places available for you in the kitchen to put your stove. You can buy a stove and out it on the kitchen table near the wall or you can have it in the island so that you have larger area to move about when you cook. You will be able to have larger area to mix your ingredients and all is in one place. It can be more efficient and comfortable that way if you love to have spacious place to do your cooking. If you want to have your stove in the kitchen island, you will need to see a collection of ideas the stove on the kitchen island below.

Complete Tools

It is presumable that the smoke of the cooking will make you uncomfortable. If you think the ventilation isn’t enough, you can add cooker hood on top of the stove. Here in the kitchen, the stove is also near the sink. You can wash your ingredients before chop them and cook them. All is in one place.

On Rustic Kitchen

This one below shows how island with stove can look in rustic environment. With the similar brown granite, the six stoves are placed under a cooker hood. With six stoves, you will be able to cook more food in one time.

On Yellow Brown Granite

This is another stove that is placed upon granite top island. The granite looks beautiful on the rustic environment. And with wooden ceiling, it is understandable to have big cooker hood to protect the kitchen to smell like smoke.

On White Surface

This one is really beautiful where the stove is placed on the white glossy top on the island. With cooker hood in the same white color, the kitchen looks really beautiful in white small black details.

On Wooden Surface

Although it is maybe more suggested to have your stove on granite or any other hard surface that is not easily burnt, having something this beautiful is sometimes unbearable and you just do it. This one idea might be best for you who don’t cook often.

On Open Kitchen

If your kitchen is an open one, the idea of having your stove in the island might be the right thing you want because it will make your cooking more comfortable and you will have even more space.

On White Granite

This one is another white environment for the stove. And with granite, the heat around the stove will be reduced. With the same color with the cabinet, the granite looks lovely together.

On Brown Granite

This one is similar with the one with white granite. Trying to match the other in brown, as in tiles and cabinet, this island is in brown.

On Grey Concrete

This one is situated in a really beautiful kitchen with grey color on almost everything. The yellow lights surely a great match for this kitchen. And this is an example for you who love to have glass top stove.

On Grey Granite

This pretty look of a kitchen is complemented with the grey granite with stove on top. With this stove, you will be able to have large space to move around when you cook.

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