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kitchen, yellow rubber floor, white cabinet, silver counter top, white laundry machine Domino

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Black Marble Backsplash And Counter Top, Grey Cabinet, White Laundry Machines
Kitchen, Hexagonal Floor Tiles With Flower Pattern, Brown Bottom Cabinet, Brown Cupboard, Silver Upper Cabinet
Laundry Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Blue Cabinet With White Counter Top, Wooden Rattan Chair, Flower Pendant, Laundry Machines, Window
Kitchen, Concrete Floor, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Cupboard, Laundry Machines. White Counter Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Wooden Table, White Cupboard, White Floating Shelves
Small Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Grey Cabinet, White Backsplash, Silver Fridge, Acrylic Chair, Pink Mat
Kitchen, Grey Floor Tiles, Yellow Walk, Floating Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Floating Upper Cabinet, Laundry Machine
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Grey Cabinet, Marble Top, Wooden Square Table, Grey Bench, Wooden Chair, See Through Cabinet
Long Kitchen, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Bottom Cabinet, Silver Counter Top, Black Framed Cube Pendant, Glass Wall
Kitchen, Yellow Rubber Floor, White Cabinet, Silver Counter Top, White Laundry Machine

It is a great thing when we can combine some functions in one room. This can make the house saves space and it can make you feel the house feels larger because it turns out that the house can give you everything you need without making it feels too crowded. And if you think the space deserve the practical setting, you would love these kitchen-laundry rooms because it can give you space to cook and to wash your laundry.

Behind the Wooden Cabinet
Having cabinet in wooden material and look can make this kitchen looks gorgeous. The natural feeling, especially in dark shade, brings more rustic look to it. Combined with grey concrete floor, this combination brings modern and minimalist ambiance. Making it still minimalist, the laundry machines are kept inside the cupboard.

In the Farmhouse Kitchen
This farmhouse kitchen looks just traditional. Who would have thought that the setting is modern enough to put few things inside the kitchen? Hidden inside a tall cabinet, these laundry machines can be opened when you need it and lose from sight when you need to appear tidy.

See Through the Cabinet
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts the machines inside the cabinet. But, with some lighter details, this one gives installed see through doors and make the kitchen more interesting. And for this kitchen with breakfast nook, this setting complement it more beautifully.

Inside the Corner Box
In this kitchen, things are set in small size with floating cabinet even at the bottom. The interesting two-color cabinet continues on the box in the corner. And this box is not only a cabinet but also with a laundry machine.

Modern Details
This modern kitchen looks so incredible with smooth surface on the cabinet and geometrical details on the floor. The laundry machines are stacked on the cabinet with same smooth door surface. This is perfect for modern house.

In a Small Kitchen
Although it seems like laundry machine can be such a burden in a really small kitchen, this one pulls a great setting. If you are worried that you would have some problem with the storage as a laundry machine is added to the bottom cabinet, you can add the upper part of the kitchen with more cabinet.

Bright Kitchen
Although the kitchen looks narrow, the long room gives more space and the bright glass window helps the room to feel larger. The white cabinet is enclosed with laundry machines that makes the room feels easy though it is added with some machines.

Added with Work Station
If you needs kitchen for light cooking, this setting would be great for you. Not only it can brings in laundry station but it is also added by some work station somewhere int he long table, or if it’s a kitchen, island.

Simple Hiding
This beautiful farmhouse kitchen here shows how simple and without a sweat to hide laundry machines in the kitchen. Under the countertop, the machine here is perfectly hidden.

In the Yellow Room
This energizing yellow kitchen presents a really cheerful kitchen with rubber flooring that will be a great thing both for a kitchen and for a laundry room.

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