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kitchen, white black patterned floor, white wall, black pendants, wooden table, white stool, mint green cabinet, white upper cabinet Apartment Therapy

Kitchen, White Black Patterned Floor, White Wall, Black Pendants, Wooden Table, White Stool, Mint Green Cabinet, White Upper Cabinet
Kitchen, Bright Light Green, White Bottom Cabinet, Patterned Backsplash, Patterned Floor Tiles, Wooden Counter Top, Long Pendant
Kitchen, Patterned White Red Floor, White Subway Wall Tiles, White Ceiling, White Pendant, Blue Cabinet, Blue Island, White Marble Counter Top, Wooden Stool
Kitchen, Blue White Patterned Floor, White Wall, Grey Backsplash, Light Blue Cabinet With White Counter Top
Kitchen, White Cabinet, White Wall, Dark Green Backsplash, Floating Wooden Shelves
Kitchen, Black White Patterned Floor, Green Wooden Beam, Green Wooden Cabinet, White Green Backsplash Tiles, Wooden Dining Table, White Wooden Beams
Kitchen, Yellow Patterned Floor, White Wall, Blue Patterned Tiles On The Wall, Blue Cabinet, White Counter Top, Yellow Backsplash
Kitchen, Patterned White Floor, White Wooden Cabinet, Off White Wall, Black Pendant
Kitchen, White Black Patterned Floo, White Square Wall Tiles, Green Cabinet, Wooden Shelves, White Fridge, Black Sconces
Kitchen, White Red Patterned Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Marble Counter Top, White Square Backsplash, White Apron Sink, Black Sconces

Sometimes, kitchen can feel too serious. It can feel too formal that those who cook in the kitchen can feel depressed when they have to deal with the heat and keep all the ingredients come in time. Not to mention when the cooking is failed. It would make anyone easily disappointed. To make a kitchen feels less pressuring, adding some fun details can work great, especially when it has strong presentation like patterned floor. Patterned floor brings merriment and joyful in sight so that the mood has already been up even at the sight of it. If you agree, you would love to look at these beautiful patterned floor below for some happy sight or, better, inspirations.

Moroccan Kitchen
This incredible kitchen has so interesting combination. It has vibrant colors both on the floor and wall and it also has exotic exotic patterns that can be seen beautifully lay out in the space. The white and blue cabinet and counter matches the spirit of the blue tiles while the yellow backsplash matches the yellow floor.

Pattern Contrast
Similarly, this one also has pattern both on the floor and wall. In this interesting kitchen, the pattern on the floor looks simple while the backsplash looks more complicated and matching to the green wooden cabinet. Although contrast, it gives something to look at closer.

Shimmering Green
This green kitchen also brings out something interesting. The green backsplash and the plants surely puts fresh look in this bright kitchen. But, with the calming patterned green floor tiles, the room looks even fresher.

Bright and Airy
Positioning kitchen near the large glass window or door is always a great decision. With clear window and door, bright light will shine the room and the air will be better circulated that the house will not suffer from heat. And to add this bright light, the kitchen is decorated beautifully with patterns on the floor.

Incredible Flowers
This farmhouse kitchen looks incredible. The combination of all features are just amazing. The upper part of the room is served in white and more neutral look while the bottom part of the room is tight with flower patterns.

Rich Patterns
Going similar with the previous one, this one’s setting is also white and neutral at the upper part and merrier at the bottom part. Although, this one here puts rather darker and deeper colored on the cabinet that puts a deeper effect.

Fresh Oxford
This farmhouse kitchen brings beauty that would make you happy to walk in here at first in the morning. The white and light grey brings bright energy while the blue oxford on the floor makes you put a smile because of its beauty.

Red Lilies
This white kitchen brings so much elegant on the combination of the cabinet and wall, along with some traditional and warm vibe. However, the red lilies on the floor are able to bring fun and cheerful look.

Farmhouse and Bohemian
The traidtional and warm in this kitchen makes it an incredible farmhouse kitchen with all the cabinet, dining table and the finishing pendants. The bohemian patterned on the floor brings even more warmth to it.

Pretty Details
This kitchen seems like going in the contrast setting by using white pattern tiles on the floor and backsplash as well as the white cabinet at the bottom while maintaining a bright green on the upper part of the room. Nevertheless, it is still a pretty sight.

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