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Yellow Crate Box With Partition For Bottles Storage
Kitchen With Wooden Cabinet, White Pegboards On The Wall With Wooden Shelves And Nook
Kitchen With Plaid Pattern Floor, White Cabinet Under Wooden Counter Top, White Tiles Wall, Boxes With Interesting Placement On The Wall
Kitchen Wall With White Tiles, Metal Rail Built In With Hooks, Magnetic Board, Metal Shelves, Metal Plate Racks
Kitchen With Metal Cabinet, White Tiles On The Wall, Metal Rail With Hooks, Shelves
Kitchen With Wooden Cabinet Under Grey Marble Countertop, White Top Island, Wooden Shelves On The Wall, White Tiles On The Wall
Kitchen With Wooden Planks Floor, Grey Island With White Countertop, Grey Cabinet With White Countertop, Wooden Open Shelves
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Tiles Wall, Wooden Cabinet With White Countertop, Black Metal Shelves
Kitchen With Wooden Pegboard With Shelves
Kitchen With Metalic Cabinet, White Countertop, Marble Wall, Metal Glass Shelvs

In choosing storage in the kitchen, you will need to consider the space that you have. It’s because any furniture you choose will affect on how the kitchen will look, especially if you have small space kitchen where you have to be careful even when you choose your refrigerator. In storing, it’s no different. With small space, you might want to forget the cupboards and cabinets on the wall that while it will make your kitchen has no clutters, it also weighs your kitchen and makes it look smaller that it actually is. Let’s see the storage you can choose for your kitchen.


Open Shelves

Yap, it is popular for some reasons. One of them is that it looks lighter and it won’t minimize your movement in the kitchen. With open shelves, it is easier to look for what you need and to take it.


Crate Box

If you love DIY things and love to reuse projects, this one here has the best idea to help you with the seasoning bottles. With a wooden crate box, you can add partition big enough to put the bottles inside. With a sign on the bottle lid, it will be really easy for you to grab what you need.


Fun Box

Another thing you can do to create your shelves is by putting wooden boxes on the wall. With boxes, you will have more security in putting your bottles on top. This one here has a knack of having fun with the placement of the boxes, too.


More Fun Boxes 

Similar with the previous one, this one here also have boxes on the wall to place the cabinet function. With these boxes, the kitchen looks simple yet interesting. The lack of cupboards make the kitchen looks airy.


Metal Pegboards

The next thing you can consider is having pegboards. With pegboards, it will be even easier to put your kitchen tools. You can easily hang it there and it will be easier to dry too, as it’s not humid and placed in a way it can shed the water well. Not only that, it can help you to stack your shelves too.


Wooden Pegboards

If you think metal pegboards do not go with your kitchen look, this one here will offer you more natural and neutral look. With the same function, it can also hold your shelves, and keep your hung tools.


Brass Glass Shelves

If you’re looking for something different, this brass and glass shelves might be a great choice. Offers you the function of shelves, this is a good option for kitchen with open shelving, especially when it has clear glass. It will look really light.


Metal Shelves

Similar to the previous one, this one also has metal supported shelves that offer an open look. With this, your kitchen will look more modern and easy to tidy up.


Metal Rail

If you love the simplest storage, you will this metal rail from IKEA that allows you to put hooks and shelves on the rail. Thus, everything you need is within reach.


All on the Wall

Similar to the previous one, this one here also let you put and take the important thing when you cook. It gives you rack for plates, tissue holder, and magnetic board for knives.

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