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white flat panel cabinet white pendant lights brick wall glass ceiling white book shelves Rise Design Studio

White Flat Panel Cabinet White Pendant Lights Retro Floor Wooden Plate Shelves Square Tiled Wall
Floor To Ceiling White Cabinet Pendant Lights Marble Counter Top Wooden Floor Brick Backsplash Bar Stools
White Cabinet White Wine Storage Marble Counter Top Grey Wall Dark Dining Table Dark Wooden Stool
White Flat Panel Cabinet White Pendant Lights Brick Wall Glass Ceiling White Book Shelves
Contemporary White Cabinet Elegant Dark Dining Light Wooden Dining Table Stainless Steel Appliances Patterned Wallpaper
White Cabinet Brick Grey Backsplash Floating Wooden Shelves Modern Pendat Lights Tribal Rug Wire Stools
Contemporary White Cabinet Golden Glass Pendant Lights Marble Backsplash Marble Counter Top Dark Hood Grey Bar Stools
Brick Wall White Cabinet Glass Dining Chairs Glass Topped Dining Table Marble Counter Top Bar Lights
White Counter Top White Tiled Backsplash Open Floating Shelves Big Wood Golden Hood
White Cabinet Pendant Lights Brick Backsplash Wooden Beams Wooden Stools Wooden Topped Table Open Shelves

As you lost your energy because of doing a lot of activities, spending the time by enjoying the meal and interacting with the favorite people around you will be everyone’s ideal wish. Then what you need to have is the innovation in designing the kitchen as the place to relax and regain your good mood. Thus, why don’t you choose kitchen with white appliances as your comforting place.

Industrialized Bar Kitchen

The concept of industrialization is provided in this design. The brick wall and the wooden floor equipped the white coverage of the appliances. The glossy dining table and the glass chairs are so unique making you more cozy to be here.

Wallpaper Touch

It gives you the inspiration of floor-to-ceiling white cabinet. To avoid the monotonous feeling, you may add the touch of wallpaper on the back splash and the other part of the kitchen wall. The wooden dining table is splendid as well.

Comfy Bar Concept

This design offers you simple concept of bar kitchen with its flat-panel white cabinet. The dark hood, golden pendant lights and grey bar chairs make the kitchen more adorable.

Walk-Through Kitchen

If you are bored with the custom design, you may try this concept of open walk through kitchen. The white floor-to-ceiling cabinet is facing the white book shelves attached to the brick wall. It is such a refreshing idea of kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen

This kitchen is so stunning with the wood beams from the floor to the ceiling. You can simply put the open shelves and the tools attachment on the tiled wall. It is a must try alternative of kitchen.

Elegance in White

The enormous white floor-to-ceiling cabinet is elegantly matched with the adorable pendant lights. Not only white color, the brick back splash and marble counter top will make you unable to leave the pleasant feeling offered.

Warm Family Based Model

It is contemporary design mixed with the traditional touch of brick wall. This kitchen gives you warm feeling with the clean white cabinet, the unique dining lights and wire chairs. It is a perfect place for your family gathering.

White and Black

How splendid this kitchen! The overall theme of this design is the combination of white and dark feature. The cabinet attached by simple wine storage is the flat-panel one. The main white color is enriched by the dark counter top, black dining table and grey wall behind.

Cool with Wood

If you the one loving the nature’s elements, you would be so much in touch with this design. This design of kitchen blends the wooden elements on some stuffs such as bar stools, dining table and the ceiling with the white cabinet. The brick style of back splash is the other key point of this lovely kitchen.

Retro Kitchen

This kitchen model looks simple and retro yet it actually gives you contemporary sense on the vertically veined cabinet, counter, and pendant light. The wooden elements are there to complete its magnitude of cozy feeling.

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