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kitchen with modern island bar, white backsplash tiles, white tiles, pastel blue kitchen cabinet and island with white top, white pendants <a href="Dezeen" target="_blank">Dezeen

Kitchen, White Hexagonal Backsplash, White Upper Cabinet With Shelves Under, Green Cabinet And Island, Wooden Island Top, Modern Wooden Stools With White Seating
Grey Kitchen With Floor Wall Cabinet In Grey, Yellow Floating Shelves And Bar Table, Wooden Stools, Bulb Pendants
Kitchen With Grey Built In Cabinet, Grey Wall, ,mirror Backsplash, Wooden Island Table Bar, Wooden Stool, Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Marble Island, White Cabinet, Black Pendants, Wooden Beams, Marble Backsplash, Sink
Modern Kitchen With Green Cabinet, Grey Wall, Clear Glass Floating Shelves With Black Frame, Grey Top, Clear Glass Table Bar With Green Stools
Dark Kitchen With Dark Green Island, Soft Blue Cabinet, Dark Green Pendants Golden Inside, Golden Stool With Back, Soft Blue Top
Kitchen With Modern Island Bar, White Green Cabinet, White Marble Island, Golden Colored Stools With Black Seating, Modern Pink Pendants
Modern Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinet, Black Kitchen Island Top, Black Round Stools, Modern Pendants
Kitchen With Modern Island Bar, Grey Island With White Marble Top, Grey Kitchen Cabinet With Golden Lines, White Marble Backsplash Golden Lines, Wooden Stool
Kitchen With Modern Island Bar, White Backsplash Tiles, White Tiles, Pastel Blue Kitchen Cabinet And Island With White Top, White Pendants

Kitchen is an important part of the house. It is when people create food and also create friendly ambiance to hang around. It can be a place where people hang around whether in the dining time or when people gather around and put some snacks. If you are looking for ideas in making kitchen a comfortable place to hang around especially for youngsters who love simple yet gorgeous look, these kitchens below will give you some.

Long and Wide Island
Having a large kitchen can be a privilege not anybody has. Seen in this picture, a large kitchen can make the space pretty by just being wide and bright. Added with white backsplash and soft blue cabinet and island, this place looks ready to be the perfect hang out place for people with any background. The clean lines on the kitchen and island makes it simple to adapt.

“]kitchen with modern island bar, white backsplash tiles, white tiles, pastel blue kitchen cabinet and island with white top, white pendants <a href="Dezeen” target=”_blank”>Dezeen

Modern Pink
In simple and minimalist kitchen, it is always a great thing to put an interesting touch to be the center of attention. And in this one, the modern pink pendants in interesting geometrical shape are quite a fresh sight in the kitchen.

All Grey
Contrary to he previous one, this one here makes sure the grey is almost in the entire room. The smooth surfaced island and kitchen cabinet looks really elegant with matching grey color along with the wall and the pendants with golden thin lines. TO makes some contrast, white marble is used on the island top and backsplash which makes it look even more elegant even in this small minimalist look.

Open and Inviting
Modern vibe is strongly felt from this one below. With smooth and flat surface on the cabinet and wall, the minimalist look is strong. Mirror as backsplash gives the kitchen pretty reflection to make the room shines. The wooden table can be added some stools to make it more comfortable to drink around it.

Golden Locks
Gold and silver works most pronounced with dark background. And that’s what you can see in this picture below. The golden stools gleam perfectly pretty among the dark ambiance of the kitchen. And not only the stools, the pendants and lines on the cabinet are glinting gold light.

Yellow Lines
Similar to the previous one, this one here too adds some strong lines on the neutral background. Among the simple grey kitchen cabinet, the yellow lines are seen from the floating shelves and bar table.

Simple Lines
This one here truly shows modern look with all simple and clean lines from the cabinet to the island. With black and green colored, it looks so simple. The pendant hangs on the ceiling completes the room.

Geometric Hints
One other character that modern style ought to put is the unique geometric lines, just like seen in the backsplash here below. The simplicity of the bar matches the look with neutral and green color.

Clear Looks
Clear glass can make the items on it looks floating. This light look is perfect for modern style that seeks simplicity. And this one here uses it not only in the shelves above the cabinet but also on the table bar. It makes the room looks spacious and light.

Familiarly Modern
This one here shows how pretty a fusion between traditional and modern look is. The warmth from traditional style balance perfectly the stark lines on the modern look.

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