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wooden bench round fireplace concrete tiles floor black pebbles wooden benches pillow throws kitchen dining sets grass green Studio H Landscape Architecture

Green Grass Plants White Tiles White Gate Vines Pink Flower
Modern Patio Concrete Slab With A Lightly Washed Sand Finish Pebbles Concrete Fireplace Corner Wooden Bench Dining Kitchen Set
Wooden Bench Round Fireplace Concrete Tiles Floor Black Pebbles Wooden Benches Pillow Throws Kitchen Dining Sets Grass Green
Plants Wall Flower Vines Gateway Bluestone Pavers Grass Green Bench Chair Wooden Deck Wall
Grass Green Concrete Tile Floors Red Flowers Bushes Wooden Backyard Wall
Blue White Yellow Violet Red Flowers Green Grass Curves Pathway White Tile Outdoor Furniture Set Wooden Wall And Doors
Natural Stone Floating Pavers Of Basalt Stone Fountain Domed Plant Sculptures Horizontal Wood Fence Pebbels Brick Walls Concrete Tiles Wall
Traditional House Concrete Tiles White Flowers Grass Green Hanging Plant
Decking Wall Small Rectangular Black And Tiles Floor Big Pots Lavender Flowerds Glass Door Brick Walls
Garden Seat Water Tank Concrete Pavers Small Colorful Pebbles Bamboo Plants Bushes Pots

Landscaping needs a careful planning to make sure that your land has a proportional usage for building a house, garden, pavement, etc. You need to make some notes on the area you live and the level of ongoing maintenance you need to spend. This article will give a handful consideration for you to choose the right landscaping design tool ideas for your house.

Flower Beds Landscape Design

The flower bed is a good landscape design idea if you love to work with plants. The colorful touch on the petals will beautify your garden. The use of white flower and grass green makes your traditional house to look natural as well.

Fantasy World Garden Landscape Design

This garden utilizes the magical power of flower to create such scenery. However it needs time to grow up the plants. This landscape design is suitable for small garden. The curves create optical illusion that you have wide garden.

Modern Outdoor Dine Landscape

This outdoor landscape design gives the modern touch by using concrete fireplace in outdoor area. The owner utilizes the different sizes of tiles beautified by small pebbles to create a dashing look on the ground.

Gateway Landscape Design

You can have the gateway landscape to make a natural look in your patio. The owner use green grass and plants to make the yard to look lively. you can add vines in the arbor so when the flowers bloom it can adorn the gate.

Contemporary Landscape Design for Small Yard

Small yard sometimes make people to have limited landscaping ideas because you need a careful plan. The small yard below has a decking for summer modified by an experienced landscape professional. The flowers in violet color make the yard to be inviting.

Romantic Gateway Landscaping Design

The owner of this house also likes to employ the plants and flowers to revamp the yard. They use the plants as the wall to create private areas. The gateway is filled with the vines to gives a romantic style matched by the blue stone pavers.

Mediterranean Backyard Landscape Idea

This house uses the Mediterranean touch on the backyard to create a lushness green color. The yard can be used as a playing area for our children and the flowers are positioned near the walls to give more space.

Asian Yard Landscape Design with Horizontal Fencing

Horizontal fencing is unique as it gives different effect to the vertical ones. while the later makes people to look upward, the horizontal fencing keeps people eyes in the yard inspecting all of the elements.

Mid century Yard Landscape Design

The yard uses the reused materials such as the water tank in the garden is from wood shingles salvaged from the roof and the garden seat is from reused large wood beam. Don’t throw away your unused materials as it might be useful in other design.

Inviting Modern Yard with Outdoor Fireplace

The round fireplace gives the inviting touch at it warms people at night. This landscape design is perfect for a house that having beautiful outside view and it has proportionate area for tiles, grass area, and plants.

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