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wal shelves with black rod, white hexagonal boards, green wall, golden stools Baxter

Black Lanky Metal With Glass Curvy Tray, White Wall, White Furry Stool, Black Table
Wal Shelves With Black Rod, White Hexagonal Boards, Green Wall, Golden Stools
Lanky Golden Metal Shelves With Dark Brown Boards And Cabinet
Wall Shelves With Black Metal, Wooden Boards
Brown Thin Shelves With White Marble Support At The Bottom
Golden Shelves With Glass Boards, Grey Wall
Black Lanky Metal Shelves With Marble Boards
Thin Metal Support Shelves With This Boards
Black Long Lanky Metal With Wooden Boards On Different Low Level, White Wall
Wall Shelves With Black Metal Support, Black Hexagonal Tray, Brown Wall, Brown Floor, Dark Brown Sofa

If you love to display your accessories and books, you would love to have shelves in the room. Shelves can not only give the function you need but can also give a pretty accent to the room, like these lanky and thin shelves. If you love to upgrade the look of your room while getting the pretty lanky shelves, you would love these shelves.

Black Lanky Support
Wall shelves in this one shows a really light look. Black metal on the shelves gives a subtle look as it blends perfectly well with the black wall. With white marble boards, the shelves give an elegance touch too.

Swing Shelves
This wall shelves has a fun vibe with a look like a swing. With different low level, this swing shelves puts a beautiful and entertaining ambiance on the wall.

Thin Brown Shelves
On a smaller scale, this thin brown shelves would be perfect for small and limited spaces. With its thin boards and supports, decorations and accessories would look even more appealing displayed here.

Crisp Boards
This one is another crisp shelves that will make your room endearing. The thin boards will look great with small and fragile-look accessories. The thin boards complement the thread-like support on the shelves.

Wall Shelves
For a stronger look shelves, you might love this wall shelves with metal support and wooden boards. Positioned on the wall, it would be a best option for a room with limited space. Seen in this one, the wall shelves is positioned on an indented wall and framed with wooden arch that it looks pronounced.

Golden and Glassy
Another thin look that might you love is this golden thin shelves that will not only brings lightweight vibe but also elegance in its golden lines. Seen in this one, the two shelves are put face to face that it creates an interesting pattern on the wall.

Golden Lines
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has golden lines. And this has made the minimalist room has interesting touch. Combined with dark brown boards, the golden lines look even more pronounced.

Hexagonal Boards
This interesting wall shelves look so impressive and modern. The black rod puts a strong and settled look while the hexagonal boards make the shelves feels so modern and unique. And positioned in bright cheerful color like seen in this one, the black rod looks strong.

Curvy Glass
For those who love modern look with really lightweight vibe, this wall shelves supported with black metal support and glass tray would be perfect as it has the lightest look. And combined with monochrome surrounding, it complements the surrounding perfectly well.

Whole Wall
While lanky and thin shelves can help a small room having the accessories they want to display, it can make a large room have fun with it too. Seen in this one is a room with one whole side of the wall covered with wall shelves. And this look is mesmerizing and so pretty.

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