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Glass window and door can bring so much joy. It can give you the maximum level of light while also making you room seems larger by adding the view of outside to the inside. And for glass in windows or door that you can open, you would also be able to have the best air circulation. With that, you room would be more refreshing and in a really good weather, it would be so calming too. Here below are ten living rooms with large glass windows or doors that enhance the room.

Open Room
For those who love an open room, adding glass windows or door would be another support of being opened. Seen in this one below, the kitchen and living room area both have glass window or door that makes the open room looks bright and even more open.

Warm Modern
Having a small space in the apartment, the challenge is even greater. This one here has a balcony with glass door that can function as window too. With plants and shade on the balcony, the light is not too maximum and it would be more comfortable for more introverted people. The clean lines on the sofa, table, and cabinet looks so modern.

Warm Living Room
In this warm living room with mostly wooden surface, the vibe is so warn and comfortable. The texture on the floor and on the other wooden surface makes the room feels so inviting. The sofa and chair allow you to relax perfectly. And the glass window makes the warm lighted brightly.

Modern Living Room
This one here has an interesting blue white rug with hexagonal patterns that make the room looks so modern. Completed with wooden coffee tables, the room looks warm and comfortable. The sofa and chair also support the warmth and comfortable feeling.

Bold Seating
In this warm and comfortable living room, the bright light from the large glass window illuminates the room perfectly well. The light brings out the bold jewel tones seen in the chair and pillows.

Fresh Inside
This living room setting is so modern and interesting. Combining the plush on the sofa and chair with wooden element in the chair and piano, the room brings out modern vibe. The very large and tall glass window bright up the room and brings in the trees view outside in.

Shade and Clear
If clear glass can be so intense with its bright light come in to your room, shaded or tinted glass might be a better option for you who insist on having glass window in your room. This one here combining shaded and clear glass window in a balanced way.

Tall and Grand
The tall and large glass window here makes the room looks regal. Combined with wooden wall and floor, this regal feeling is balanced with warmth.

Classic Look
If your outside surrounding is so gorgeous and magical, having glass window is almost like a must. This one here has a very beautiful buildings around that having glass window and door can make your room have the classic view as privilege.

Exotic Look
This one here generates the exotic view outside and makes it part of the room. The exotic look is completed with warm elements inside with rattan rug, bed sofa, pillows, and animal patterned rug.

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