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playroom, wooden drawers on the floor, large glass window The Design Files

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet, White Wall, Glass Sliding Door, Dining Table, Blue Bench
Study, Wooden Chester Floor, Wooden Table, Wooden Shelves, Glass Door
Large Glass Window, Wooden Wall, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Green Sofa
Playroom, Wooden Drawers On The Floor, Large Glass Window
Dining, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Wooden Rattan Chair, Wooden Shelves, Large Glass Window, Black Pendant
Large Glass Window, Wooden Window Sill, Indented Space, White Wooden Wall
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, Wooden Window Sill, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Dining Table,
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Patio Floor, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet With White Top
Window Seat With Drawers, Brown Cushion, Large Glass Window, Wooden Chandelier, Blue Patterned Ottoman
Kitchen, Wooden Shiplank, Wooden Top, Glass Window

Windows are always great addition to a room. With windows, energy can be saved, air can circulate better and room can feel warmer and fresher. It is never wrong to add windows to a room, even the large one, especially if you love the outside and you love the natural look to enjoy indoor. These below are ten amazing use of large glass windows that you would love.

Wooden Box
This window is simply completed with wooden box. This allows anyone to have additional seat that will give beautiful view outside. With pendant hanging, the window seat is a perfect place to read.

Open the Kitchen
This kitchen has a special way in opening to the nature. With a beautiful garden on the back, sliding window like this is really helpful in making sure you have the best air circulation and the freshest view for the kitchen.

Square Glass
This square glass window is a great addition to the living room. It looks simple, easy and without too much details that makes it perfect for minimalist or modern look.

Great Seat
This window seat makes a great place to talk, to read and to drink some hot drinks. It is a great place to enjoy the view with your loved ones. Positioned in the corner, this glass window gives maximum level of brightness to the room.

Freshest Office
Putting your home office near the balcony with glass door and window would be a great thing to do to get clear sight and fresh air o help you concentrate and focus. Warm and fresh ambiance both bask the space perfectly.

Bright in the Playroom
Creating a bright and fun atmosphere in the playroom? Large glass window can help you out. It is a great thing for the kids to have when they study too.

Sliding for Garden
This is another kitchen that has the perfect bright light to the space. The glass is obviously the wall, window and the door at once. With this bright light, the kitchen and living room bask in warm ambiance.

Fresh Vibe
It is a stunning idea to create a kitchen with this fresh and fun look. The patio is just outside so that you can eat in or out easily. And with glass partition, it is like just one room anyway. The high greenery makes the kitchen looks like having living wall.

Glass and Glass
This is a room that is surrounded by glass window. And this has made the room remarkable brightness. With built in wooden shelves and window seat makes the room warm and look amazing.

Bright Family Room
This one puts up a great exampe of family room where anyone from children to adults can enjoy. The large glass window makes sure the room has the freshest air and natural ambiance strongly felt. The wooden floor cabinet can offer storage as well as seat and table, whatever you prefer.

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