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laundry room, orange patterned floor, white wall, white cabinet, white apron sink, round glass window, white cabinet

Laundry Room, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Cabinet, Wooden Top, Black Pendant, White Cabinet, Big Glass Window
Laundry Room, White Floor Tiles, White Wall Tiles, White Cabinet, Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Cabinet, White Top, White Wall, White Washing Machine
Laundry Room, White Floor, White Wall, Light Green Cabinet, White Top, White Apron Sink, White Washing Machine, White Short Pendant
Laundry Room, Grey Floorm White Wall, White Cabinet, White Big Sink, Blue Accent Wall, Bench, Washing Machine
Laundry Room, White Marble Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Washing Machines
Laundry Room, Grey Floor, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, White Wasing Machine, Wooden Floating Shelves, Black Pendant
Laundry Room, Cream Floor, White Cabinet With Wooden Top, White Apron Sink, White Pendants, White Cabinet, White Washing Machine
Laundry Room, Cream Herringbone Floor, White Backsplash, Cream Cabinet, Grey Washing Machine, Glass Door
Laundry Room, Cream Wall, White Cabinet, Pastel Orange Sink, Brown Sink
Laundry Room, Orange Patterned Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Apron Sink, Round Glass Window, White Cabinet

Even though you jsut have to put the dirty clothes inside a machine, doing laundry can be quite bothersome. You have o pick colors, you have to pick the right detergent. Sometimes it just makes you feel lazy to move and do your own responsibility. However, if the laundry room is clean and beautiful, visiting your washing machine would be too annoying. You might be able to wait the machine while you read or even working. If you want to create a comfortable laundry room, either for you of for your helper, you would want to make sure, you have all the options. Here below are some inspirations you can get.

Simple and Natural
This is a really easy setting. You just need to put your washing machine under the wooden cabinet. This setting is efficient and offers you place to put other things from cleaning liquid, basket or even iron. The minimalist setting makes the room feels tidy and simple.

Little Details
This corner has a pretty and modern look with subtle details. The white on white setting looks even brighter as the glass door give maximum level of light.

Pastel Farmhouse
This galley makes a really nice laundry room. The cabinet and shelves allow you to store your cleaning supply and clothes before you wash or iron them. The bright light makes the galley not shabby and give fun and cheerful notion.

Elegant with Marble
Marble has always been good in putting out elegance. Even a small laundry room can turn luxurious with marble, like this one. Put on the floor and wall, this white marble matches the white cabinet and wall.

White Alley
Narrow space in the back can be used smartly for laundry room. This one here lets the washing machines have its own space, near the glass window and among white surrounding. The setting is bright and light.

Dark Accent
Similar to the previous one, this one also has narrow space. But it has successfully created a comfortable place to clean your clothes or even boots. The built-in sink also allows you to soak your clothes with difficult stain too. The blue accent in the far back gives an interesting detail as well as deep accent.

Little Twist
This creamy looking laundry room is surprisingly calming and bright. The neutral setting gets along with the bright light from the glass door while the herringbone pattern gives a little twist to the formal vibe.

Sweet Laundry Room
While laundry room can sound shabby or dirty, this one here shows how pretty and sweet it can be when it is seriously decorated. The light pink wall is a perfect canvas for the white cabinets and wooden top. The pendants are another beautiful things.

Fun Sink
This is another sweet and fun laundry room. The light wall makes a soft hue while the pastel tiles on the built-in sink makes a fun touch o the space.

Fresh Laundry Room
If you love making a fresh ambiance, this one can give you a brilliant inspirations. The white on white setting is supported with little yet pretty details. The round glass window offers bright light and outdoor view to the room.

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