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laundry room decorations blue tree painting white gloss cabinet built in bench gray countertop washing machine wooden floor umbrella hooks Urban Rustic Living

Laundry Room Decorations Blue Walls Gold Pattern Windows White Cabinet White Built In Desk Washing Machine Wall Sconces Frame Ghost Chair Table Lamp
Laundry Room Decorations Blue Cabinets Wall Decor Glass Bottle White Marble Countertop White Apron Sink Faucet Washing Machine Artwork
Laundry Room Decorations Silver Frames Yellow Walls Gray Cabinets Washing Machine Terra Cotta Tile Shelves Window Pendant Lamp
Laundry Room Decorations Chalkboard Black And Cream Floor Tile Yellow And White Cabinets White Subway Backsplash Washing Machine Drawers
Laundry Room Decorations Glass Corner Windows Blue Cabinets White Countertop Big Pins Decorations Sink Faucet White Walls Washing Machine
Laundry Room Decorations Blue Tree Painting White Gloss Cabinet Built In Bench Gray Countertop Washing Machine Wooden Floor Umbrella Hooks
Laundry Room Decorations Tosca Cabinet Mirror Undermount Sink Faucet Indoor Plant Windows Shelves White Marble Countertop Drawers
Laundry Room Decorations Wallpaper Blue Cabinet Blue Self Gold Rod Washing Machine Dryer Shelves Towel Sink Faucet
Laundry Room Decorations Yellow Wall White Cabinets White Door Gray Floor Tile Washing Machine Artwork White Drawer Black Countertop
Laundry Room Decorations Wall Art Windows White Walls White Cabinets Round Wall Mirror Washing Machine Basket Bench Sink

A laundry room is where you can put some of your dirty clothes, wash the clothes, and dry them. It may be a small space which provides space for a washing machine as well as some cabinets. The cabinets can function as the storage and the built-in sink space. Sometimes, a laundry room provides a countertop above the washing machine where you can put some room decorations. For example, a painting, frame, or flower. There are many decoration ideas for your laundry room you can try. Here are some lovely laundry room decorations that you can add to your laundry room to make it more beautiful and lively.

A Spacious Laundry Room

We spend a lot of time folding our clothes, ironing, and facing the walls in our laundry room, so it makes sense to have nice furniture and decoration. Two silver framed wall decors are hanging on the bright yellow walls and above the sink space.

Countertop and Wallpaper

If you have a top loader and want a folding or workspace, you can add counters next to the appliances. The wallpaper is used as the laundry room decorations which can blend into the white countertop.

The Pop Painting and Sign

Besides a pop color painting, this space also has a laundry sign as the laundry room decorations. The pop colored decoration is a good way to brighten up the pale laundry room.

Use Bold Color

Since the laundry room tends to be one of the smallest rooms in the house, why not have a little fun by applying a bold color and some laundry room decorations. Add a special space for the room decorations as like a shelf over the sink and countertop.

Beautiful Colors

Gold can also be a nice color accent for a bold color like this blue wallpaper. The blue walls, white furniture pieces, gold accents become beautiful colors and make the laundry room more gorgeous.

Fun Laundry Room Decoration

Give a fun decoration to your eclectic laundry room. This room can be a nice place where the mom and children can hang out all together. The kids can put some of their toys in the yellow cabinets.

Some Large Pins

Add a unique but related decoration in your laundry room can enhance the working vibe. These large pins on the wall look simple but add a strong statement to the room.

Cheerful Laundry and Mudroom Combination

This room combines the laundry and mudroom functions. The yellow beadboard can actually complement the white cabinets and the white washing machine. You can put a vibrant artwork and flowers as the laundry room decorations.

The Glass Bottle Collections

An apron sink is installed in the center. Above the sink, we can see some small glass bottle collections, a clock, and a laundry wall decoration.

Neutral Tone Wall Art

You can keep the room color scheme by adding the laundry room decorations which can blend in there. The grey and cream create a calming yet elegant look in this laundry room.


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