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built in cupboard with yellow doors, gren inside, laundry machines, shelves, glass pendant, white floor Eigen Huis & Tuin

Small Wooden Laundry Cupboard, Shevlves, Ironing Boards, Cabinet, Cleaning Tools, White Backsplash, White Wall, Grey Seamless Floor
Laundry Under The Brown Top Near The Kitchen With Black Cabinet, Subway Tiles Backsplash, White Kitchen Top
Built In Cupboard With Yellow Doors, Gren Inside, Laundry Machines, Shelves, Glass Pendant, White Floor
Laundry Machine Under The Kitchen Top, White Upper Cabinet, White Bottom Cabinet
Small Laundry Room With Built In Cupboard, White Door, Shelves, Marbled Floor, Brown Floating Sink, White Pendants,
Small Laundry Room With See Through White Doors, White Cupboard For Washign Utilities, Dark Wooden Floor, Bench
Built In Laundry Cupboard, Shelves, White Sink, Marble Backsplash, Wooden Cabinet
Grey Laundry Machine, Grey Built In Tall Storage, Wooden Floor, Beige Wall Tiles, White Floating Toilet
Small Kitchen With Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Laundry Machines Under The White Kitchen Top, Wooden Floating Shelves, White Wall, Black Hexagonal Tiles
Laundry Machine Inside White Bilt In Cupboard In The Bathroom, White Wall, White Floor, White Floating Toilet

Living in a modern era has brought so many benefits for us. One of them is the efficiency in everything we do, like chores. While years ago people need to spend much energy to wash their clothes, these days people have laundry machines. And years go by, the laundry machine that we have now has been so effectively helping us in cleaning our clothes while also being so effectively compact that it is easy to store and arrange. These below are some ideas on how to put laundry machine tidily and prettily.

Built-In Room
As laundry machines have been so compact, arranging them in an effective setting is so easy. Seen in this one the machines are stack inside a built-in cupboard with see through doors. Stored beside the stack is laundry utilities like soap and bleach. It even has some room to store your dirty clothes or to hang some clothes.

On the Corner
This one stores the laundry machine inside the built-in cupboard that is covered with white wooden doors that blend well with the white bathroom. Stack inside the cupboard, it is also accompanied with shelves to store everything you need in doing the laundry.

Laundry Cupboard
While putting laundry machines in a bathroom can be a great idea, having its own place would be great too. Seen in this one, the laundry machines are arranged inside the built-in cupboard with shelves. Outside, it is accompanied with hanging rack and even a sink.

Bold Yellow
If you want to not only create some space for laundry space but also some space that will actually please the eyes, you would love this built-in cupboard with bold and cheerful yellow doors. Painted the inside with dark green color, the yellow doors look so pronounced.

Save the Space
For those who live in a really limited space, this is a popular practice: putting the machines under the kitchen top. Seen in this modern kitchen, the laundry machines fit well with all the white colored surface in this kitchen that it does not look too cramped.

Getting Along
This one here is also an attempt to arrange everything neatly in a kitchen. This kitchen with black cabinet puts some space in the corner to arrange the machines and even to hang some clothes too.

Minimalist Kitchen
This minimalist kitchen looks so small and, well, minimalist. Putting the laundry machines under the kitchen top shows how simple the space is. And along the neutral colors and pattern, the laundry space does not ruin anything.

Cleaning Storage
This small cleaning storage have everything you need to keep and store your cleaning stools. The tall cabinet can stack laundry machine and store iron board while the low one can keep you towels, clothes, and brushes.

Stack in the Bathroom
Another popular place to store laundry machine is the bathroom. This one here shows an effective way to keep the machine tidy. Stored in tall grey cupboard, it is only part of the cupboard.

Inside the Wall
This bathroom can look so minimalist without anything strange on the far end wall. However, when it is opened, storage for laundry machine can be found. IT is a subtle and tidy move.

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