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light over kitchen sink grey countertop windows range hood stove oven kettle wall sconce kitchen cabinets faucet dishwasher Frank Shirley Architects

Light Over Kitchen Sink Brash Dome Pendant Lamps White Flat Panel Cabinet White Top Grey Sofa Sliding Glass Doors Curtain
Light Over Kitchen Sink Flat Antique Mercury Pendants Green Ceiling Black Countertop Beige Cabinets Glass Windows
Light Over Kitchen Sink Grey Countertop Windows Range Hood Stove Oven Kettle Wall Sconce Kitchen Cabinets Faucet Dishwasher
Light Over Kitchen Sink Wooden Island Chevron Kitchen Mat Wooden Floor White Cabinets Built In Shelves Wall Sconces Stove Oven Dishwasher
Light Over Kitchen Sink Kitchen Mats White Cabinets White Island Wooden Floor Stove Oven Range Hood Backsplash Microwave Refrigerator
Light Over Kitchen Sink Hand Towel Holder White Framed Glass Windows Beige Cabinets White Marble Countertop
Light Over Kitchen Sink White Cabinets White Island Wooden Barstools Wooden Floor Backsplash Windows White Granite Countertops Stove Range Hood
Light Over Kitchen Sink Grey Kitchen Cabinets Grey Island Chandelier Black Marble Countertop Window Stovetop Range Hood Wooden Floor
Light Over Kitchen Sink Black Countertop White Island White Cabinets Stove Microwave Frosted Glass Front Door Subway Backsplash
Light Over Kitchen Sink Red Kitchen Mat Wooden Floor White Cabinets Brown Island White And Blue Countertops Window Shade

Lighting positioning should be thought and installed carefully. Kitchen lighting is usually placed above the island or right in the center of the room. If you want to add another light fixture in your kitchen, you can install it above the kitchen sink. You can add only one light fixture since it has small space. There are many light fixtures that suit your kitchen sink style. The height of the light fixture should also be considered to get the better lighting for the sink. Here are some appealing light over kitchen sink ideas that you can install in your beloved kitchen.

An Elegant Design of A Quizel Fixture

The light fixture over the sink is a Quizel fixture. It has an elegant design and a big size that can provide enough task lighting. It is also a lovely addition to the sink area that adds a note of gentle elegance.

The Recessed Light Over Kitchen Sink

The recessed lighting under the white kitchen cabinets is a nice lighting fixture. The light is so soft that can brighten the countertops and worktops beautifully. The recessed lighting is also installed over the white porcelain sink.

A Double Pendant Light and Wall Sconce

Beside brightening the natural soapstone sink, this double pendant light can also decorate the ceiling space over the sink. A wall sconce on the wall near the sink is another classic lighting fixture.

The Flori Brass Pendant Light Over Kitchen Sink

The brass pendant lights hang over the central white workspace include the white undermount sink. The pendant lights are suspended from a wall over the peninsula instead of from the ceiling.

The Glass Dome Pendant Lights

This white salvaged kitchen sink is integrated beautifully into the Danby marble countertop and backsplash. This large double undermount sink also provides two glass dome pendant lights.

A Well-Dressed Traditional Kitchen

A fresh white traditional kitchen design is much like a spring daylight, it is so airy and inviting. Everyone will be hooked at the corner sink with the gorgeous windows and an antique pendant light over kitchen sink.

Antique Pendant Lights for A Rustic Kitchen

This rustic kitchen is so bright with the white framed glass windows and some pendant lights in there.  These are the wide flat and antique mercury glass pendants. A pendant light is installed on each window.

A Kitchen with Neutral Color Scheme

This kitchen features white kitchen cabinets, a white and grey chevron kitchen mat, built-in kitchen appliances, a rustic wooden island, barstools, white countertops, wooden floor, and built-in shelves. The black pendant lights are installed over the island and the sink.

A Corner Sink with Lighting

A pendant light over kitchen sink is really needed if the sink is placed in the corner of the kitchen and surrounded by some glass windows.

Glass and Silver Pendant Lights

This kitchen has two kids of pendant lights. The silver pendant lights are installed above the brown wooden island, while a glass pendant light is hung over the kitchen sink.

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