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dining room, white rug, wooden table, wooden chairs, white chair, spherical metal frame with candle lamps Lumens

Dining Room, Wooden Chevron Floor, Black Wooden Pantry, Wooden Table, Modern Chairs With Beige Cushion, Bulbs Pendants
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Chair, Wooden Table, White Wall, Wainscoting, Straight Line Fixture With Bulbs
Dining Room, White Marble Table, Pink Velvet Chairs, White Wall, Spears Pendant
Dining Room, White Rug, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, White Chair, Spherical Metal Frame With Candle Lamps
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Black Wooden Chairs, Light Wooden Table, Black Pendant, Arch
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Chairs, Light Wooden Table, Rattan Pendant, White Wall, Floating Shelves
Light Wooden Dining Table, White Sofa Bench, Wooden Chairs, White Wall, Window, Straight Lighting Fixture, Grey Rug, Wooden Floor
Dining Room, Green Chairs, Wooden Tale, Pendant Light With Thin Support
Dining Room, White Floor, White Chairs, White Marble Table, White Wall, Beige Curtain, Round Branches Chandelier
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Modern Warm Orange Chair, White Marble Table, U Turn Pendant

Lighting fixture is an important part of a room that helps define the room. It helps the room to have the final touch besides, of course, give some light to the room. In these pictures below, there are some stunning lighting fixtures that you will fall in love with.

Straight Line
In this modern dining room, the lines are sleek and clean. Everything looks minimalist and simple. And it is completed by the straight line shows on the lighting fixture as well. It is a great final touch to the overall look.

Pretty Sphere
This dining room here has a graceful lighting fixture. The design is pretty and magical. It’s like going back with a time machine and find yourself in 1960s. And in above this dining set, it looks completely strong. The neutral look of the dining set balance the strong figures of chandelier.

Black Farmhouse
One way to bring warmth to the room is by adding warm colors to the room. However, this room has been warm enough with the design and wooden material that it adds black chairs and black pendants without making it less warm.

Tensed Bulbs
In this chic dining room, bulbs are added to make the room even more amazing. The modern space looks more beautiful with the clear bulbs supported by those golden tensed lines. IT is a balanced look with straight lines and round bulbs.

Pretty Branches
If you are looking for something pretty above your dining table, this one here has the perfect design to make your room beautiful with white leaves shining above. Combined with off-white ambiance under the fixture, they blend perfectly well.

Rattan Pendant
For those room with fresh and natural look, rattan or bamboo pendant perfectly designed like this one here can bright up the room even more. The white wooden chairs on the dining set looks just right for the whole package.

Line of Bulbs
Similar to the previous one, this one here also uses straight line as the support to hang the lamps. And not small lamps, but this one brings in bright clear bulbs onto the line. It creates a warm modern room.

Spear Star
This dining room has a warm and modern vibe from the marble table and pink velvet chairs. To make it more interesting, star like pendants are added above the set with sharp tip like spear. Combined with soft look from the velvet chairs, the look in this room is balanced perfectly.

Exquisite Design
For a dining room with classic touch on the wall, many people might want to go with classic look, but this one here successfully pulling out the modern vibe from the chairs and the pendant with U-turn design.

Simply Luminous
This one here displays simple light from a simple yet pretty designed pendants like this one here. The twilight lights look simple yet give romantic illusion. It is perfect for a modern and minimalist dining room.

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