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dining room, dark wooden floor, wooden wall, black console tbale, dark brown wooden table, white chairs, crystal chandelier Delightfull

Dining Room, Herringbone Floor, White Wall, Tall Glass Window, Blue Velvet Bench, White Bench, Grey Chairs, Silvery Pendant
Dining Room, Wooden Herringbone Floor, White Wall, Long Crystal Chandelier, Blue White Chair, White Table With Golden Feet, White Curtain
Dining Room, Dark Wooden Floor, Rug, White Chairs, Black Wooden Table, Long Chandelier
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Table, Wooden Bench, Wooden Chairs, Moroccan Pendant
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Glass Chandelier, White Chairs, Glass Round Table
Dining Room, White Wall, Wooden Table, Golden Lines With White Bulbs, White Upper Cabinet, White Backsplash
Dining Room, Dark Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Black Console Tbale, Dark Brown Wooden Table, White Chairs, Crystal Chandelier
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Rattan Chairs, Grey Chairs, Rattan Rug, Rattan Pendant
Dining Room, Dark Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Chairs, Black Table, White Balls Chandelier, Blue Accent Wall, Grey Rug, Grey Curtain
Dining Room, White Wall, White Leaves Pendant, Wooden Table, White Chair

It is always interesting and fun decorating dining room. As a place where people gather, each details would need to be carefully picked, including lighting fixture above the table. There are many kinds of lighting fixtures that will meet your preference and the kind of room you want to create. However, for the sake of inspirations, here are stunningly beautiful lighting fixtures you would want to have in the dining table.

Tropical Pendant
Going on a theme is always fun. And if your dining room theme is tropical or beach, you would love to have a rattan pendant above the table. This one here puts a perfect example on combining natural material from the floor to the ceiling.

Modern Silver
In this elegant and modern dining nook, the silver balls above bring a strong feeling to the space. Looking shiny, it completes the elegance seen in the velvety cushion and modern table and chairs. Having breakfast at this nook would give a fresh start to the day.

White Leaves
A very pretty look is seen from this white leaves chandelier. The black branches bring dramatic effect while the white leave bring a soft and calming atmosphere to the room. With neutral dining set, the combination is just right. It is soft yet strong at the same time.

Small White Bulbs
This dining room below also looks pretty with its golden shimmering pendant. The golden lines give strong vibe to the neutral look open kitchen. And the white lights supports the notion as well.

Luxurious Sticks
To be luxurious and elegant, crystal chandelier is the best solution. The amazing shimmering look from the crystal itself has been so luxurious that it illuminates shine not only at night but also at day.

Falling Branches
The lighting fixture in this one looks so dramatic with its lines and sticks look like it’s falling. The crystal design prettify the room while the soft light warms the room.

White Balls
This modern dining set gives a minimalist look while also having some interesting details that can be seen in the white round modern chandelier. The modern atmosphere is supported by the minimalist dining set.

Glimmering Glass
Similar to the previous one, this modern chandelier presents a really beautiful chandelier with irregular branches come out to give their light in bulbs. This chandelier is perfect for the elegant modern dining room under it.

Fallen Crystal
A really dramatic chandelier is seen in this one with its long and thin chandelier facing down with clear crystal at the the bottom. This fallen crystal makes the room looks really beautiful, especially when it looks dark and deep.

Moroccan Setting
This one here has a very exotic ambiance with a little neutral and minimalist notion. The bright rug brings colorful exotic feeling while the wooden dining set brings in natural feeling. And this combination is completed by Moroccan pendant high above the table.

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