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branch pendant on white ceiling, white rug, white sofa, blue white chairs, coffee table, white table lamp Pinterest

Sphere Chandelier Pendant, Vaulted Ceiling, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Grey Sofa, Grey Lounge Chair, Fire Place, Blue Ottoman For Table, Side Table, Curtain
Long Geometric Glass Pendant, White Wall, Brown Rug, Pink Chairs, Black Coffee Table, White Curvy Sofa, White Floor Lamp
Branch Pendant On White Ceiling, White Rug, White Sofa, Blue White Chairs, Coffee Table, White Table Lamp
Simple Slanting Lines With One White Bulbs, Wooden Floor, Blue And White Wall, Black Sofa, White Chair, Floating Shelves, Windows, Round Wooden Table
Moroccan Styled Chandelier, White Wall, White Sofa, Red Rug, Moroccan Detailed Coffee Table, Arch Wall, Glass Door
White Pendants With Golden Lines, Wooden Beam, White Wall And Ceiling, Wooden Floor, Blue Sofa, Ottoman For Table, Leather Stool
Singular Chandelier, Wooden Floor, Dark Grey Corner Sofa, Glass Partition, Large Window
Glass Molten Pendants On Golden Straight Lines On The Ceiling, Wooden Floor, Blue Round Ottoman, Grey Sofa, Wooden Round Dining Table, Wooden Chairs, Green Wall Ceiling
White Modern Bulbs Chandelier, Grey Wall, Beige Wall, Rattan Chairs With Black Cushion, Round Coffee Table, Leather Ottoman
White Pendants With Double Covers, Wooden Slabs Wall, Wooden Floor, Green Round Rug, Coffee Table, Blue Velvet Sofa, Side Table

Lighting fixtures hold a final touch to a room. It either gives an interesting contrast or complementing the looks of the room. It does not only light the room at night but it also brings its own beauty for you to own. And the decision whether you will use the beauty or not lays in your hand. Here below are some living rooms that has stunningly beautiful lighting fixtures that will make the living room more alive with its finish.

Double Layer
This lighting fixture is an interesting piece that has made the living room with natural wood look more interesting. The contrast in color yet the complementing style makes it a great finish to the room.

Bright Sun
This one here has a strong design with shape like the sun with its strong prominence. It obviously strengthen the living room with fresh white and blue beach theme as when you think of beach, it will also remind you of a hot sunny day.

Long Crystal
This long glass pendants look elegant with its design and its light reflecting. It compliments the modern living room with sleek and clean lines on the sofa and chairs. The long glass surface makes it own elegance.

White Lantern
Look exotic with lantern shape, this one here brings fresh ambiance to the modern living room. The white pendant matches the look perfectly while the golden lines brings a little elegance to the room. The similarity of this pendant with Japanese lantern brings a little oriental touch to the room.

Molten Gold
These molten glass pendants look so elegant with its golden hue. But the straight lines offers modernity and simplicity. Located under a vaulted ceiling which has already gives unique character, this lighting fixtures put the ceiling in more pronounced position.

Metal Sphere
Similar to the previous one, this unique one also make the ceiling more pronounced. The architecture privilege and the unique design of the lighting fixture have made the room even more beautiful.

Singular Chandelier
For you who love chandelier but want to combine it with more modern living room, this chandelier can be a great option for the room. It definitely compliments the living room so much.

White Bulbs
An interesting modern lighting fixture is seen in this one. For a neutral living room, stark white fixture with unique shape like this one will surely leave a strong impression, not to mention that the bulbs are not only one.

One Bulb
Contrary to the previous one, this one here has only one bulb. However, the one bulb here is positioned uniquely from the simple and slanting golden lines that it has its own attractive and simple impression.

Moroccan Chandelier
When chandelier meets Moroccan details, it looks really attractive and make you want to observe even more. In this modern Moroccan living room, the combination of Moroccan and modern touch are interesting and in balanced.

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