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Combining Living Area and Dining Area into a Spacious Wonderful Room

There are many ways to make your rooms look more spacious that they are supposed to be. one of them is by choosing carefully the furnishings. And the other one is by having open space. Two rooms that would be great combined are of course living room and dining room as these rooms have similarity of being used for several people at once. They are like the public area in the house. Thus, we’d talk about these two combinations below.

Calm Open Space

Here, we can see that the pale blue walls embrace the grey chairs, pale brown rug and ottoman, and matte fireplace in the living room as well as the white set of dining area. The chandelier that is framed elegantly by the high window leaves the room with a hint of classy touch.

living room with grey couches with tray top side table and rectangular ottoman as coffe table combined with round dining table with white chiars
Roselind Wilson Design

In Separate Rooms

Besides having your combo in wide one room, you can also have it in two rooms without room divider as doors or curtains. You can leave it open. In this picture, both the living and dining areas are simple but classy with its nude and blue colors for the furnishings that match the walls.

living room with brown sofa, blue chairs, rectangular glass top coffee table, brown rug, and dining room with rectangular wooden table with brown and white chairs
Elms Interior Design

Open Wide Room for Kitchen Too

If you have such a wide and spacious room, you are so lucky to be able to do this: combine three areas in one. By having these areas in one open room, you will be able to have the best air circulation, not to mention the best lighting too. And when you have people around, you can attend them all at once. The more the merrier!

open living room with grey sofa set, rectangular mirrored glass surfaced coffee table, dining room with long wooden table with yellow chairs, kitchen with marble to
Kyle Hunt & Partners Incorporated

White Natural Open Combo Room

If you love to have white room with all natural accents this is how you can do it perfectly. With wooden floor matched with white walls, you get the best combination and if you add wooden block on the ceiling for accessories, the feeling is the best for white natural theme. With dining area gets all natural with wooden sets of dining table and living room with pale brown and white sofa, it gets better and better.

white open room for living rom with rattan rug, swuare wooden coffee table, white fireplace, brown sofa and dining area with wooden table and chairs
Ballard + Mensua Architecture

Shiny Serene Combo Room

With large glass window, you can have even more spacious feeling to your rooms. If you love the spacious kind of feeling, having open room is the best. To differentiate the area, you can use wooden planks to sign how the areas start, like in this picture. With glossy finish wooden planks, at nights, with little luminous lights, you’ll get the room beautifully gleaming.

dining room with rectangular wooden table and beige leather chairs, open to living room with grey couches and grey rug
Sorento Design, LLC

White Elegant Combo Room

With large room, you can easily put different furnishings for different purpose like for living area and dining area. Here, the combination is perfectly clear but it is still beautiful to look. With nothing to separate the area, the area seems to combine beautifully with matching white elegant furnishings.

white elegant living area with white sofa, glass coffee table, pale brown rug and dinign area with white leather chairs with glass top table, glamorous pendant lamp
Hannah Rose Interiors

Pretty Combo Room with Partition

This is what an open room of living room and dining room will look like if you leave the partition off. However, despite that these two areas are clearly separated, the floor as well as the walls are the same. The rugs in both areas are matched too, let alone the chairs and sofa.

dining room with glass top wooden table and brownish grey chairs, open to living room with brown sofa and chairs, white fireplace
Michael Abrams

Contemporary Simple Combo Room

In this picture, you can see how these two rooms combined in simple way with mostly white clean colors and sleek lines of the furniture. This contemporary style looks fresh and minimalist.

contemporary combo room with living area with white and brown chairs and brown rug, dining area with wooden table and white chairs, with blue stripped rug
Dyer Grimes Architecture

Traditional Classy Combo Room

If you like to have a luxurious traditional combo room, you can choose something that will look classy like brown, beige or white color with round lines that will give grandeur feeling. With classy chandelier that decorates the ceiling, the room will be perfectly beautiful.

traditional living room with beige sofa sets, classy chandelier, dining area with beige leathered chairs, wooden table, antique rugs
Jack Arnold

Beach Combo Room

A room with natural elements is never boring. In this picture, the room looks fresh with beach theme. The room is beautiful with its wooden flooring, wooden tables which are complemented with rattan chairs both in the dining area and living area.

dining room with wooden table, rattan comfortable chairs, combined with livign area with rattan sofa, white ottoman as coffee table
Lissett Homes
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