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living area with blue painted wall, yellow chair, metallic coffee table, wooden side table, wooden coffee table, fire like sconce, painting Design Asylum Blog

Living Room With Red Wall, White Ceiling, Wooden Floor With White Rug, White Sofas, Colorful Pizza Ottoman As Coffee Table, Black Table With Red Chairs
Living Room With Yellow Paitned Wall, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet, Blue Cabinet, Paitings
Living Room With Blue Painted Wall, Blue Rug, White Soda, White Ottoman, White Fire Place, White Floor Lamps
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Green Sofa, Green Wall, White Door, Yellow Ottoman
Living Room With Orange Wall, Orange Curtain, White Sofas, Clear Glass Table, Mirror, White Floor Lamp, Black And White Ottoman
Living Room With White Floor, White Wall, Red Rug, Grey Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Yellow Chairs
Living Room With Green Wall, Colorful Rug, Purple Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table With Glass Top, White Table Lamp, White Cabinet
Living Area With Blue Painted Wall, Yellow Chair, Metallic Coffee Table, Wooden Side Table, Wooden Coffee Table, Fire Like Sconce, Painting
Living Room With Purple Wall, Purple Chairs, Purple Rug, Green Cabinet, Painting, Plants, White Side Table
Living Room With Dark Wooden Floor, Green White Wall, Grey Stone Fireplace, Line Clear Plastic Chair

Talking about bold coloured room can be really entertaining and interesting as there are so many bold colours in the world that are worthy to talk. The combination of colour and textures that comprises the room are to dearly to miss out. So, let’s dig in the rich colourful living room.

Green Mix

From the first picture, we have a green living room that has combines with many cold colours. Start from the purple sofa to the colourful rug under the coffee table with glass top. This colourful look looks pretty and comfortable.


Green in Purple

Despite the dominant of purple colour here, the designer is brave enough to bring green accent that looks bold and brings more energy to the room which had been brave enough.


Yellow on White

When you want to attempt using bold theme in your room, you don’t have to paint the entire wall in bold colour. It can be in a quite minimalist room that will be barged in with bold furniture, either it’s the rug or the yellow chairs. Both are courageous and give warmth.


Green Nature in Blue

Although it’s painted in beautiful blue and furbished with pretty white furniture, this room will look bold in blue and that’s it. However, the adding of green plants and green pillows and blanket has given the room new spectrum.


Cheerful Yellow

Yellow always reminded us on one sunny cheerful day. And that’s probably why yellow can be really energizing. The room with yellow is actually bringing happiness to those who look at it. And to make your room more cheerful, pictures from your beloved ones might bring even more warmth.


Elegant Green

Even though it can be bold, green can be calm and elegant too. This picture depicts how green can look really elegant. The green velvet sofa brings the elegance and with its colourful pillows, the room still looks rich in colour.


Warm Sunset

While yellow reminds us on the sun in the broad day light, orange reminds us on the sun in the end of the day when it slowly set in a really beautiful hue. It’s warm and comfortable, the kind that makes you want to sit around to watch. And maybe that’s why this room looks so comfortable with its orange paints and curtains.


Bold Red and White

Red looks really great with white and this room looks amazing with its red painted wall and white sofas, chairs, and rugs. However, although the red colour is really pretty and capture anyone’s attention, we can’t not see the beautiful white ceiling painted with slim sticks that makes the room fun.


Fun Colours to Play

With dark green painted in broad brush in the middle of the white wall, it brings both colours to come out so outstanding. With that alone, it has been a pretty bold coloured room but with lime clear plastic low chair, it becomes bold and fun.


Yellow on Blue

With dark blue colour, this room has been striking enough. But, to make it even bolder, the yellow high chairs is added, along with the painting that represent so much yellow colour. Then, the golden vase with yellow flower has been a perfect addition to this bold colour too, not to mention the golden fire-like sconce in the back that gives gripping look.

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