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Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Brick Foreplace, White Chairs, Wooden Coffee Table, White Shiplank
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, Brown Leather Coffee Table, Grey Wall, White Brick Fireplace, White Sofa
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, Grey Brick Fireplace, Blue Chairs, Black Wooden Coffee Table, White Wall
Living Room, Neutral Floor, White Coffee Table, Brown Stone Fire Place, Brown Sofa, Christmas Tree
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Light Wall, White Sofa, White Chair, White Brick Fireplace, Blue Tufted Ottoman, Wooden Console Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, White Wall, White Fireplace, Christmas Tree
Living Room, Black Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, Black Coffee Table, White Exposed Brick Wall, White Tufted Chair, White Sofa, Fireplace, Chandelier, Wooden Cabinet
Living Room, Dark Wooden Floor, Neutral Patterned Rug, White Wall, White Built In Wooden Wall, White Fireplace, Grey Sofa, Ottoman Coffee Table, Golden Chandelier
Living Room, White Wall, White Brick Corner Fireplace, Black Wooden Shelves, Grey Chair
Living Room, Dark Floor, Blue Wall, Brown Sofa, Ottoman Table, Brown Brick Fireplace, White Cabinet

In this Christmas season, for those who have winter, having warmth surrounding your living room is essential. It is a place where you can gather around with your family and friends. In the happy occasion, you would love to have all the comfort and warmth in the room. It can be helped by adding fireplace. For those who love traditional and classic look, fireplace is a great addition to the room. Here below are ten stunning comfortable living rooms for inspirations.

Traditional Fireplace
For those who love the warmth the traditional look creates, this simple traditional fireplace would be a perfect thing to add. The living room itself is completed with comfortable sofa and chairs that add even more warmth. The patterned rug strengthens the warmth even more while the chandelier keeps the room traditional and elegant.

White Brick
In this warm modern living room, the rustic fireplace looks so strong and prettifies the room even more. The simple and neutral ambiance is having a warm detail, still with modern and simple ambiance.

Modern Warmth
This is another modern living room with warmer details like the tufted sofa and wooden coffee table. The white framed fireplace warm the room simply. The simple and neutral background in the room makes any accessories look good, like this Christmas tree.

Brown Brick Fireplace
To warm a living room, getting rustic details can help the ambiance. This one here puts tall brown brick corner as the fireplace and make the whole room looks comfortable. The neutral sofa and the ceiling accent make a pretty combination that makes the living room look amazing.

Neutral Rustic
This living room has a really nice neutral look that brings an easy yet beautiful ambiance. The light brown stone over the fireplace makes a nice touch to the room. And the white Christmas tree is just the perfect touch.

Blue Lines
This traditional living room gives pretty blue details from the curtain, flowers and ottoman that goes along with the white fireplace, chair and sofa. The rattan coffee table gets along with the rustic fireplace.

Warm White
This living room has the warmest look for a white living room. The shiplanks, white bricks on the fireplace and the white comfy chairs put out the best comfortable look. This room would be a great room to gather with your friends and family over Christmas.

Modern Elegance
Although fireplaces with traditinoal look is really interesting and putting a strong touch, having a modern one would still making the room great, especially if you try to decorate a minimalist living room. This one here shows how modern fireplace can be a complement to the modern elegant living room.

Tall and Strong
Having a fireplace with the chimney creates a strong and pronounced effect to the room. This one here completes the strong yet neutral look with dark blue chairs and black coffee table that has nice contrast to it.

Triangle in the Corner
This fireplace has an interesting look with triangle shape in the corner. Without chimney, the top of it is completed with dark wooden board that is perfect for additional shelves.

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