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loft beds for teenage girls white bedroom ceiling window wood built in sttorage Dyer Grimes Architects

A loft bed is a bed that has an access by a ladder or stairs. A loft bed may have a room beneath it for storage, a desk, or a study area. This idea will give more space for a small room. Teenage girls have many precious things and do many activities in her bedroom. If you give your kid a loft bed for a teenage girl, your child will be like a princess in her left beds. You can use the usual bed or a bunk bed for it. Here are some loft beds for teenage girls that you can get to cheer up your children.

Space Saving Bedroom

This bed loft has a main bed in the bedroom and an additional bed in the deck. The white bedroom is suitable for your pure and lovely child. The natural lighting can come through the window. The storage is on the wall. It will be the best choice to make a larger visual of a bedroom.

Teenage Girl Loft Bed for Beach House

You can get a foldable bed for your child loft bed. It may be used for her friends who want to sleep over your home. The cream linen upholstered platform bed has a beautiful gold patterned blanket. The cream headboard looks so comfortable.

Loft Beds for Teenage Girls with Half Glass ceiling

This is a glorious open space with a loft bed.  It provides pull out storage under the bed and mini wooden stairs. There is a colorful line curtain for the glass window. The half of this bedroom ceiling is also made of glass.

White Loft Bed with Attic Mirror

This white bedroom has a main bed, a loft bed, white ladder, white fence, and the attic glass window. The unique things are the big mirror and storage inside the wall.

Pretty Loft Beds for Teenage Girls

This loft bed is in the above of study desk. You can decorate the bedroom with peace 3D wall decoration. The main bed has dots sheet set and pattern play pillow cover and blanket. There is Chatham classic bedside table with white hi-light task lamp.

Sweet Raspberry Painted Bedroom

You can decorate the loft beds for teenage girls with raspberry truffle paint for the wall. This loft bed provides metal basic attic ladders. The unique stripes patterned arm chair is also arranged in the bedroom.

Combination Design for Teenage Girls Bedroom

Teenage girl bedroom can be a combination design of traditional and modern. The linear windows give a nice lighting to the room. Under the loft bed, you can install a soft light and a wide mirror. There are a wooden low table and patterned rug in the center of the room.

Rustic Bedroom with Loft

You can make a rustic bedroom with loft. Markors pendant lamp and cotton vertical mirror make the room beautiful.

Cute Purple Bed

You can make loft beds for teenage girls that have purple theme. The bedroom features a bunk bed and Safavieh Shag light purple rug.

Cute Bedroom

The white loft beds for teenage girls can be brighten up with some mini pendants and pink poster.

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