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rustic teen room with beige walls wooden floating shelves rustic cabinet black painted loft bed multi color ceramic floors wooden table and chair Rustic Kids

Elegant Kids' Room For Girls With Green Walls And Dark Hardwood Floors White Painted Loft Bed And Cabinets Pink Rug Flower Wallpaper
Loft Beds With White Painted Built In Cabinets And Drawers Quilt Cream Wall White Painted Deck Wooden Roof Light Toned Wooden Floor
Wooden Loft Bed With Staircase And Bookshelves Brown Cushion Pillow Throws Cream Rug Multicolor Rug Wooden Shade Brown Bench Seat
White Painted Loft Beds And Staircase Grey Chair Yellow Chair Light Toned Wooden Floor Glass Window Standing Lamp White Wall And Curtain
Mid Sized Traditional Kids' Room Idea For Girls With White Painted Loft Beds And Staircase Pink Walls And Accent Chairs Car Chandelier Lamp
Rustic Teen Room With Beige Walls Wooden Floating Shelves Rustic Cabinet Black Painted Loft Bed Multi Color Ceramic Floors Wooden Table And Chair
Wooden Framed Loft Bed Wooden Table And Chair Medium Toned Wooden Floor Blue Wall Paint Glass Framed Windows
Loft Bed With Wooden Staircase White Wall Accent Rug Granite Floor Wooden Table Red Chair Wooden Door
White Painted Loft Beds White Hainging Chair Yellow Pillow Throw Cream Wall Beige Rug Wall Art Work
Contemporary Bedroom With White Painted Storage Drawers Underneath Loft Bed Wooden Stairs Walls And Floors

Loft beds are famously known to be used in small room because they have the functional aim to save more space in the room so you can utilize the area for different purposes. Here you can see ten innovative loft beds ideas to liven your bedroom, or your kid’s bedroom.

Loft Beds and Built-in cabinets

The cabinetry is known to have big size and consume big chunk of space. Here, the loft beds are placed above the cabinetry which can be used as office room too. The colorful quilt enriches the color tune in this white themed bed room.

Loft Bed with Wooden Furniture for Natural Effect

The furniture in this room are furnished to strengthen its wooden color. The owner only covers the table in black and paints the wall in blue to balance the natural tones. You can try this for natural and cozy look.

Contemporary Loft Bedroom Idea

The loft bedroom below is not as high as standard loft beds. However, it is still a good idea if you dislike the standard loft bed. It looks like a slightly higher bedroom with the cabinets beneath the bedding.

Loft Beds Idea above the Wall

Instead of placing the loft bed under some space, the owner puts the bed above the wall. It is a creative way to keep the bedroom to have as wide space as possible. It is like having a bedroom without a bedding.

Rustic Teen Room Idea with Loft Bed

This loft bed uses the cream and brown color to create a strong rustic effect especially when the owner puts rustic cabinet and floating shelves. The area under the bedding is a good place to find peace in finishing your kid’s homework and assignments.

Loft Beds Idea for Girl Room

It is inevitable to deny that girl favors pink color the most thus this color is mostly used to signify girl’s belonging, such as this lovely bed room. The chandelier lamp creates the perfect illumination in this feminine room.

Another Girl’s Loft Bed in Green and Pink

If you think using pink color as the dominant color will create a monotonic look, you can add secondary color. This bedroom uses green tone to match the girlish pink color. The flower ornament will make your girl to sleep well.

Loft Bedding Idea for Boys

The owner employs the brown color in bedroom for boys. The silhouette of basketball player is attached in the wall. You can change it into other thing that your boy likes the most. This way, they will chill out in his room comfortably.

Loft Bed Idea in Light Color Tones

Blue, yellow and green color can be a good idea to beautify your white bedroom. It makes the room looks cheerful. If you have lovely scenery outside the room, you can use big glass window and put the curtain to adjust the brightness level.

Loft Bedroom for Children

Loft Bedroom can be used to put more bed if you have some kids. by using loft bed, they can sleep in one area. This is a common design for family who have compact room. try to make similar bedding to avoid the kids to fight.

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