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black leathered lounge chair with wooden legs Diehl Interiors

Golden Ornate Loung Chair With Pillows
Black And White Sleek Lounge Chair
Brown Leather Eames Lounge Chair
Black Leathered Lounge Chair With Wooden Legs
Brown Tufted Leather Eames Loungechair
White Modern Contemporary Eames Lounge Chair
Brown Sleek Leathered Lounge Chair
Grey Convertible Lounge Chair
Black Leather Eames Lounge Chair
Black Leather Lounge Chair With Wooden Coat On The Back Of The Chair

Lounge is a long chair that can be used for relaxing. It dates back in the Egypt time where people were use it as a mix of chair and daybed. The Roman also uses it to sit back in the day time and sleep at night. While for Victorians, this chair is related to those who particularly expecting wives. Even though the history dates back so far in the past, in the modern times, there are so many people are still look for this chair to be one of furniture to relax and make their living room beautiful. There are so many kinds of lounge chair that are available in the market nowadays. If you think of having one of those, you can see some ideas on what you should buy and how it would look good in your living room.

Simple Brown Leather

If you want to go with modern feeling, you will love this one because the design gives you the feeling of neat and modernity. The sleek design will go really well with your modern theme room.

Black Eames Lounge Chair

This Eames lounge chair that is firstly designed by Charles and Ray Eames has been a popular lounge chair. With the separated foot area in the form of Ottoman, this chair can be really comfortable for you to relax.

Black and White in Living Room

Having one lounge chair can create comfort for you in your room. But having two can create comfort for more people in your room. The color black and white will gives balance in your room and it will be easier for you to create look from easy color like these.

Golden Ornate Pattern Chaise Lounge

If you love something more feminine in your room, you can put this kind of chaise lounge chairs. The design is simple but feminine. The color is also elegance that can look good especially in neutral colored room.

Convertible Lounge Chair

If you love to have your room’s looks changes so that you don’t feel stagnant, you will love to have convertible lounge chair. With convertible lounge chair, you can change the look of your lounge chair and it will still look pretty.

Comfortable Leather Chair

This is another black and leather chair that can support your body and foot when you sit back to have your time in the living room.

Modern Eames Lounge Chair

If you like to have Eames lounge chair in your living room and you decide to have something with modern look, you can try this kind lounge chair. The best accent on the chair is the wooden coat on the back of the chair. With its black leathered cushion, it delivers a great look for modern theme room.

Classic Eames

This one is in brown color. And the design is really classic it brings you back to the movies with 20s time setting. This is a great chair for your classic room.

White Lounge Chair

This one in the picture is really beautiful. With its white color, it will always look good in any theme room you try to pull on. The design with separated ottoman makes it look like Eames lounge chair but with more contemporary modification.

Brown Tufted Lounge Chair

This is another contemporary Eames lounge chair. With its brown leather tufted upholster, the chair looks warm and still modern.

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