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White Lounge Chair, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Glass Door, Floor Lamp, Side Table
Red Lounge Chair, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Chandelier, White Curtain, Glass Window, Black Floor Lamp
Brown Lounge Chair With Round Tip, Arm Rest, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Shelves, Floor Lamp, Brown Wooden Coffee Table, Brown Wall
White Lounge Chair, Beige Floor, Beige Wall, White Built0in Cabinet, White Window Bay, Large Window
Beige Lounge Chair Without Arm Rest, Wooden Floor, Beige Rug, White Wall, White Side Table, Table Lamp, Glass Window, Wooden Coffee Table
Purple Lounge Chair, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Grey Book Shelves, Grey Glass Table, Grey Curtain, Patterned Rug, Grey Side Table
White Lounge Chair, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Large Glass Window, White Bookshelves, Wooden Rattan Chests, White Pendant
White Lounge Chair, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Chair, Glass Window
White Lounge Chair, Beige Floor, Grey Wall, White Ceiling, White Covered Floor Lamp, Side Table
Grey Lounge Chair, Built In Bookshelves, White Wall, White Curtain, Glass Dor, Glass Window,

Lounge chairs have been one of the most comfortable items you can sit on. It can be positioned in the living room, your bedroom, or near any windows, possibly with bookshelves too. With lounge chair, reading can be an exciting and comfortable experience while for some other it can support relaxing and day dreaming the best way possible. Here below are ten comfortable lounge chairs by the window that are perfect for your calming weekend.

Bold Romantic
The first lounge chair presented here is a red lounge chair which is a bold romantic. Positioned near the window with neutral look, this dark red looks so prominent. The chandelier above makes the whole look so elegant and obviously, with lounge chair you would get the best comfort.

Neutral Grey
Contrary to the previous one, this one here has a neutral touch that compliments the surrounding in a subtle way. Without making a bold impression, the whole look is neutral and elegant.

Perfect to Read
Similar to the previous one, this one too presents itself in grey color. However, it has more comfortable lines without any rigid design. Positioned near the bookshelves and the wide glass window, the lounge chair is a perfect place to read and day dream.

Classic Lounge Chair
This one here shows a really pretty spot near the glass door to the balcony. The lights come in would warm your nap and reading time. With coffee table near, this lounge chair is the perfect lazy chair.

White Modern Chair
In this white lounge chair, you would be able to get the best relaxing time on the weekend. The modern and traditional combination in the design has made it an interesting view.

Romantic Surrounding
This white lounge with one armrest obviously looks so comfortable and pretty. Completed with white rug under, the view is just perfect. And to make it more beautiful, it is positioned in a beautiful room corner with white pendant, white cage, and rattan chests near large glass window.

Corner of a Bedroom
This relaxing lounge chair is positioned on the corner of a room which, judging from the built-in cupboard, is probably a bedroom. This comfort lets you take a nap and wake up refreshed without getting to lazy to move.

Traditional Comfort
In this one, the white lounge chair is added to a beautiful bedroom with spectacular view. Through the glass doors, a balcony welcomes you along with natural beauty so vast. This corner would definitely so amazingly comfortable.

Farmhouse Lounge Chair
Similar to the previous one, this one here also presents and underlines the look on traditional value. With nice white lounge chair placed ont he corner near glass windows and door, this one is a beautiful spot. Along the added white chair, it would also be a great place to have a conversation.

Curvy Corner
An interesting sight is seen in this lounge chair. The classic design makes it elegant and compliment the simple and modern living room. With curvy tip, it is an unusual touch that will be welcomed.

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