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Wooden Dining Table, Pink Velvet Chairs, Green Velvet Chair, Brown Leather Bench, White Open Brick Wall, Plants On The Wall Windows, Pendants
White Dining Table, Wooden Rattan Chairs, Glass Wall, Plants Outside, Chandeliers
Dining Tables With White Square Table, Colorful Chairs With Leaves And Flowers Patterns, Plants On Floor, Wall, And Ceiling, Glass Windows
Patio, Wooden Floor, Wooden Exterior Wall, Wooden Racks Of Flowers, Cabinets, Wooden Table With Several Different Chairs, Plants On The Racks And Ceiling
Dining Tables With White Square Table, Colorful Chairs With Leaves And Flowers Patterns, Vines On Wall, And Ceiling, Glass Windows
Dining Tables With White Square Table, Colorful Chairs With Leaves And Flowers Patterns, Vines On Wall, And Ceiling, Glass Windows
Patio With Floor Tiles, Continued Wooden Table Bench, Fairy Lights On Tree, Rattan Swing Chair
Patio, Black And White Flooring Tiles, White Wall, Black Round Table, Wooden Chairs, Vines On The Wall, Plants On The Floor
Patio, Wooden Table, Chairs, Round Table, Wooden Chairs, White Wall Tiles, Grass Plants On The Wall, Pendants
Wooden Bar, White Rattan Stool, Black White Diamond Floor Times, Leave And Flowers Patterns On Wall, Plants On The Ceiling, White Global Pendant

Dining is one of the most popular activities in dating. Often times people are going on a dining out to talk and rekindle their relationship. For dating purposes, it is important to get the most romantic place to go and here below are some inspirational look on romantic dining tables that you can apply even in home so that you don’t have to go out whenever you want to have a romantic dinner. And the best thing is that they are all eco friendly with plants.

Coco Kelley

Among the Plants

Adding plants to the room can add the natural touch. But not only that, using leaves and flowers pattern on the chairs can help the dining tables look refreshed too.

From the Ceiling

Really similar to the previous one, this one too uses leaves and flowers patterns on the chair in the dining room. Added by ceiling plants and vines, a room like has a natural look without forgetting the fun touch.


Green Bar

Another place to have a great conversation is in bar. Even in some restaurants, bars are the options for those who want to eat near the chefs. To apply it in home, you can use a long surface of table in an island. With the back wall on leaves and flowers pattern and some ceiling plants on top of the bar.

Instagram – Benjamin Fitzgerald

Beautiful Afternoon

Using a patio to make a beautiful dinner memory is such a great idea especially when the patio look is as pretty as this one here. The grass plants on the wall looks so fresh and the pendants that shines on looks warm and complimentary.


Patio Dinner

Another inspirations for romantic dinner just in your patio. This one here has a simple yet tidily arranged patio. The romantic touch is in the lighting fixture that are not only hidden on the bush but also on the tree’s branch. It looks pretty and warm.


Simple and Sweet

Creating romantic dinner with the presence of plants and flowers is not so difficult. Seen in the picture below, a simple look of a room with wooden floor and wall that makes the room feel warm. The lighting fixtures and the flowers that looks amorous here bring the lovely nuance strongly.

House to Decor

Classic Beauty

Romantic feeling can be brought up successfully with beautiful classic look. Painted in off white color, this one looks warm and comfortable with the vines on the ball and plants and flowers on the table.


Comfortable Look

Getting your dinner at home can also be memorable too when it’s prepared well. With some touches of warm colors of brown, pink, and green, this one here has a pretty color scheme. The lights among the plants give a mesmerizing look on the wall.

Persevera Producciones

Mesmerizing Beauty

Using glass wall can help getting a larger and further view than just the room. Using the sight of the tall and beautiful tall plants, this one here has successfully adding the green light to the room. The chandeliers are a great match to the glass window reflection.

Instagram – Linda Lomelino

Shabby Look

Getting comfortable probably the best thing that people on dates are looking for. And for that, not only a romantic dining table, a comfortable and casual dining probably the one that can help. And it can be in an old building with glass ceiling and plants on the wall. It has a familiar and warm nuance.


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