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bathroom, brown floor tiles, white wall tiles, white wooden vanity, brown top, mirror, sconce, white tub, chandelier, arch ceiling Carla Aston

Bathroom, Brown Floor Tiles, White Tub, Claw Foot, White Wall, Round Glass Window With Patterned, White Chair, Brown Side Table, Chandelier
Bathroom, White Dots Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Curtain, White Tub, Shower Area
Bathroom, Brown Marble Floor, Grey Wall, White Ceiling, Grey Tub With White Inside, Vanity Table, Beige Chair, Mirror, Brown Marble Vanity Top
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, Marble Tub, White Tub, Blue Wall, Patterned Window Glass, Chandelier, White Vanity, Mirror, Sconce
Bathroom, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall Tiles, White Wooden Vanity, Brown Top, Mirror, Sconce, White Tub, Chandelier, Arch Ceiling
Bathroom, Grey Marble Floor And Wall, Beige Wall, Arch Window, Golden Frame, White Tub, White Floating Sink, Wooden Framed Mirror
Bathroom, Marble Floor, Subway Walls, White Tub, Golden Faucet, Pink Bench With Golden Support, Rug, Wooden Beams, Bunch Of Clear Balloon Pendant
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Wall, White Marble Tub, White Chair, White Ottoman, White Ceiling, Silver Round Indented Ceiling, Chandelier, Shower Room
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, Blue Patterned Floor Tiles, White Wainscoting, Blue Wall, White Tub, Golden Claw Foot, White Ceiling Fan, Window, Embossed Ceiling
Long Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Marble Tub, Blue Tainted Glass, White Marble, Windows, Blue Roman Shade, Blue Ceiling Arch, White Orb Chandelier

As bathroom has been a time out place where you can relax and put the world outside of the door and claim your own world in the bathroom, a luxurious bathroom is a place where your needs to relax are fulfilled perfectly well. These luxurious bathroom below brings the comfort and elegance in the bathroom so that you can have your heart relaxed.

Geometric Ceiling
Having an interesting ceiling can surely add the details and elements to make a bathroom looks luxurious. This one here chooses a geometric ceiling on double layered ceiling that it makes the already luxurious bathroom looks even more amazing.

Beautiful Arch
This spacious bathroom offers its luxury in the beautiful architecture. It is seen in the ceiling with wooden beams and the beautiful arch above the tub and the vanity. The luxury is also seen in the modern chandelier and pastel rug.

Long Luxury
This long bathroom looks calm and luxurious with pretty details on the floor, wall, and arch ceiling. Completed with chandelier, the arch ceiling looks even more elegant and grandeur.

Open Luxury
This luxurious bathroom might not look so big but the bright light from the window and the open vibe of this bathroom makes the room look more spacious. The silvery round ceiling makes the room more elegant and interesting. The glints on the ceiling makes the room more fun while the white marble floor calms the room down and make it more comfortable.

Fun luxury
While luxury sounds so far away from fun, this one here can combine these two vibes. This bathroom shows the elegant elements on the beautiful blue arch ceiling and the chandelier while still the fun with the blue plaid shade and glass partition.

Gothic Luxury
This Gothic bathroom looks modern but also luxurious that can be seen in the golden frame. While the grey marble and white tub looks modern, the arch window and golden window frame puts luxury touch.

Fresh Windows
This bathroom looks simple and modern but with the window glass with patterns, this bathroom has luxurious touch. The tinted glass looks subtle yet pretty. It creates subtle shadow that can shine through the glass.

Patterned Glass
Similar to the previous one, this one here has patterned glass window too. Along with the bath tub, the patterned in the window shows a beautiful shadow tat glimmer to the bathroom.

Patterned Floor Tiles
This bright and modern bathroom creates a fresh and modern vibe. The fresh blue wall and patterned floor looks so appealing and complementing the white surrounding. It makes the blue patterned floor, especially, looks so bold.

Round Patterned Window
Similar to the previous one, this one also has an interestingly beautiful patterned on the round window. The light shines through the window will go subtle and beautiful. And the bathtub itself has a spacious feeling as the room is big and it’s alone in the bathroom.

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