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kids room, grey floor, white roudn rug, pink headboard, white bed, pink flamingo wallpaper, pink stack boxes, pink mirror, pink table Covet House

Kids Room, Wooden Floor, Pink Cream Castle Accent On The Wall, Pink Curtain, White Cabinet, White Chairs, Pink Chairs
Kids Room, Wooden Chevron Floor, White Built In Upboard And Shelves, White Bed, Crystal Pendant, Round Rug
Kids Room, Grey Floor, White Roudn Rug, Pink Headboard, White Bed, Pink Flamingo Wallpaper, Pink Stack Boxes, Pink Mirror, Pink Table
Kids Room, Wooden Chevron Floor, Grey Wainscoting, White Air Balloon, Dark Blue Ceiling, White Round Bed With Blue Cushion, Blue Chair, Wihte Cloud
Kids Room, Floor Rug, White Ceiling, White Baloon, Low Table, Low Stools, Wooden Shelves, Windwos
Nursery, White Floor, Wallpaper, White Purple Curtain, White Swan Crib, White Chair, White Cabinet
Kids Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Green Accents On Deep Wall, Green Bench, Green Shelves, White Cloud Pendants, Tables, Toys
Kids Room, Wooden Floor, Cream Wall, Blue Cream Castle With Shelves, Flower Table Cushion, Blue Low Chairs
Kids Room, Brown Patterned Floor, White Wainscoting Wall, Led Cloud Lamp, Colorful Pendants, White Wooden Table, Green Chairs, Shelves, White Piano, Round Glass Coffee Table
Kids Room, Cream Floor, White Ceiling, White Cloud LED Lights, Brown Tufted, Pink White Entertainment Cabinet

Luxurious setting can make anyone feel pampered, not only adults. Creating luxurious kids bedroom will ensure that your kids have all the space, soft and smooth texture and surface. This also makes the room looks pretty not only for the kids but also for adult eyes. Pampering the kids does not have to mean giving them everything they want but making sure they have everything they need. Graciously and beautifully. And if you are looking for something pretty for the luxurious kids bedroom, here below will give you beautiful inspirations.

Luxurious Study Room
A nice and pretty study room can enhance the concentration. Comfortable study room will make everyone feels calm and relax. And it is an important thing for working mind. This one puts pretty lighting fixtures with LED cloud lamp and warm colored pendants that bring both fun and luxurious feeling. Along with glass round coffee table and accent wall, this room is perfect.

Pretty Chandelier
Adding luxurious touch can be done by adding pretty shining things. This one here puts an incredibly beautiful chandelier that owns the room and make it strong.

Creamy Study
This one also puts luxurious touches in a kid’s study room. To create a luxurious look, pink and cream are two perfect colors to do it. Added with extravagant lighting fixtures, the luxurious feeling will never be questioned.

Tall and Large
For a room to look luxurious, a large space would be a really great thing to have. With large space, many things can be done. You can put fancy shelves, create bright room using lots of windows and choosing fun pendants.

Colorful and Strong
Although luxurious look can sometimes be neutral, adding various color can still work too, especially because it’s for children. This one shows how colorful toys do not hurt the grey green tall playroom with white cloud pendant.

Castle Room
As children love to fantasize, creating a bedroom with something that will enrich their fantasy would be like a dream for them. This one puts a small castle in which a child can sleep inside. They can also store their books and toys on the shelves.

White Swan
This nursery puts a pretty white swan as the baby crib and makes the room totally luxurious. Along with crystal chandelier above the crib, the room looks amazing.

Air Balloon at Night
This pretty nursery looks so fancy with white air balloon with golden lines inside. The night sky is painted on the ceiling makes the room looks like an air balloon ride at night, completed with white cloud.

Sweet Air Balloon
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses air balloon to make the room looks luxurious. The fairy lights on the curtain and air balloon makes the room even more luxurious, not to mention the soft color in the room and the large space.

Pink Curves
This one here shows an interesting curves in pink. The bedroom puts matching pink that can be seen from the study table, headboard, mirror and curvy cabinet.

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