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bathroom with shiny black bricks on the wall, dark brown painted wall and floor, white small hexagonall tiles Steam Shower Dealer

Black Shiny Diamon Cut Bathtub, White Marble Floor, Gold Black Chandelier
Neat Bathroom With Honeyed Brown Wall, Bronze Sink, Wire Basket, Mirrors
Dark Walls With Golden Egyptian Images, Golden Sink, Golden Framed Mirror, Brown Wooden Cabinet
Rustic Bathroom With Branch Shaped Table With Golden Sink, Stone Top, Mirror, Yellow Sconces
Black Shiny And Smooth Marble Of Sink With Bronze Sink, Bronze Faucet, Black Shiny Wall Lamp, Round Wall Mirror
Small Long Toilet With Two Sides Of Stone Wall, One Side Of Stacking Wood On The Back Of The Shite Toilet, Bonsai
Bathroom With Shiny Black Bricks On The Wall, Dark Brown Painted Wall And Floor, White Small Hexagonall Tiles
Luxury Bathroom With Marbles, Golden Tub, Crysta Lchandelier, Mirror
Bathroom With Black Walls, Stainless Steel Sink And Toilet
Bathroom With Black And White Marble On Wall And Floor, Gold Fish Scales On Tub And Sinks, Big Grand Mirror, Golden Sconces

Talking about luxurious room might bring us not only to the rich people’s house but also to the hotel that offers luxurious service. And that is okay too as idea can sprout anywhere and looking is not a sin. Now, if you want to see some ideas on luxurious bathroom or powder room is, you got to see what we have here.


Black and Stainless SteelĀ 

Often, the characteristics of luxury item is the shining traits. For that, many people try shiny colors like gold, bronze, rose gold, and silver. One of the thing you can do to get silver color is by putting stainless steel. And, combine it with black just like the picture below will accentuate both color. They look neat, mysterious, and luxurious at the same time.


Egyptian Gold

Egypt culture has been associated with the golden luxurious things even in the past. Then, an Egyptian themed bathroom would excel at being luxurious. With golden sink and framed mirror, this one scream luxury. And not only that, the dark wall itself has golden Egyptian encryption that looks mysterious and beautiful too.


Luxurious Rustic

If you love to have rustic theme, you will love this one. With its wooden supported table and grey stone top, this one will take you back outside in the forest. The golden sink and golden light from the sconces illuminated perfectly in the room is the best part on how this one is going luxurious.


Simple and Neat

If you love lavish thing as well as getting simple, you can try to play with the light. In this one, the honeyed brown wall perfectly gives the best effect to the yellow light from up there. The grey hexagonal floor and wall accentuate the golden shine.


Mysterious Zen

Stepping in into this bathroom might make you feel like it’s a room with the perfect zen energy with all the woods/bamboos and the bonsai. This one indeed brings more serious feeling like you can’t mess around with this room and that kind of “attitude’ is only from the toilet of rich homes.


Merry Luxurious Bathroom

When the previous one states the minimalist ambiance, this one presents merrier bathroom. With shiny black bricks on the wall and contrast white small hexahonals tiles on the floor, this room also brings out the contrast on the mirror, white sconces, white photograph in black frames.


Luxurious Black Sink

One of the things that should be presented in a luxurious bathroom is a great sink with stunning design and material. This one here is amazingly beautiful with shiny and smooth surface of black marble with bronze sink in the middle of the sink. The black wall lamp also adds more value.


Diamond Cut

The picture below shows a black shiny bathtub with diamond cut that starkly contrast to the white floor. The golden accent also creates luxury here and also the gold black chandelier.


Golden Fish Scales

This is another luxurious bathroom that screams luxurious in every corner and each detail. The marble floor and wall, the golden fish scale on the tub and sink, large and grand mirror. Nothing is not grand here.


Crystal Chandelier

Often, in luxury theme, chandelier often present. It tells everyone that only a very few people can enjoy it, rich people.

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