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wooden floor, white wall, white table with curvy legs, golden chair, white wall, crystal chandelier, golden shelves Summer Adams

Make Up Station, Wooden Floor, White Marble Wall, Grey Cabinet With Golden Handler, Round Mirror
Make Up Station, Wooden Floor, White Table, Golden Legs, Cream Wall, Pink Velvet Stool, Stand Mirror
White Black Wallpaper, White Floating Cabinet, Pink Gur Stool With Golden Legs, Round Mirror, Baloon
White Modern Table With Drawers, White Shelves, White Cabinet, Pink Office Chair With Golden Legs, Gold Framed Round Mirror
Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Table With Curvy Legs, Golden Chair, White Wall, Crystal Chandelier, Golden Shelves
Make Up Station, Wooden Floor, Pink Cabinet, Green Wall, Sconces, Pink Stool
Make Up Station, Patterned Floor, White Cabinet, Dark Glass Top, Golden Mirror, Glass Shelves
Make Up Station, Wooden Floor, Light Grey Cabinet, Golden French Mirror, Golden Chair,
Make Up Station, Wooden Floor, Black Wall, Wainscoting, Golden Table With Glass Top, Golden Stool With White Fur, Round Mirror
Make Up Station, Wooden Floor, White Table With Drawers, Golden Framed Mirror, Pink Stool

Bedroom would always be a place where we would want to be comfortable and relaxed. You would want to create everything in your bedroom pretty and comfortable to look. If you want to add make up station in the bedroom to help you get ready every morning and taking care of yourself at night, you would want to make sure you have added the best things in the bedroom. Here below are some inspirations to go from.

Modern Station
If your bedroom is in modern style, you might also want modern station in your bedroom. This one here shows how white modern and simple table can be a great make up station. With simple pink velvet stool and tall mirror with lamps, the area is beautifully decorated.

Golden Station
This white and pink space looks so pretty and modern. The simple design makes the space looks modern while the pink chair and wall make it soft and sweet. Making the space looks stronger and interesting is the golden lines on the table, cabinet, chair, mirror and table lamp.

Minimalist Station
If you have small and limited space in the bedroom, you might want to keep it small and compact. Something like floating cabinet would help you solve the space problem. This one here completes the floating cabinet with pink fur stool with golden accent on the legs.

Simple Grey
This one here puts a simple yet grand look with grey cabinet with golden handlers for nice accents. Completed with large round mirror and white fur stools, this station look incredible in its simplicity.

White Compact Cabinet
This cabinet is a good place to store everything. You would be able to store so many things tidily as there are many cabinets both at the bottom and on top. And between these cabinets, large mirror will help you see your reflection.

Pink Green
This pink make up station looks amazingly sweet and modern. Positioned with green background has made the pink color looks more pronounced. The golden lines and the marble top bring elegance to this green space.

French Accent
If you love beauty, you might love French look as well. With pretty details, French style can bring out beauty outside. This one here has large golden French mirror that looks so pretty and bold among the minimalist white and peach bench.

Dark Station
While make up station is often decorated in white or pink ambiance, this one here puts a strong and bold move by decorating it in a room with black walls. With black, the golden lines on the table and stool looks even stronger and glimmering.

Minimalist French
Another French mirror is seen in this one below. The details on the frame is so pretty that it radiates strongly. Along with golden chair and golden accent on the cabinet, the French mirror brings out minimalist French look.

Pretty French
Also touched with some pretty French details, this one puts out an elegant look. The curvy legs on the table blends well with the golden shelves, golden chair with bow at the back and the crystal chandelier.

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