Gaining Mesmerizing Look in the Bathroom with Marble’s Natural Patterns

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bathroom, white yellow brown marble tiles, golden accent near the mirror, white sink Behance

Living Room, Grey Marble Floor And Accent Wall, White Marble Wall, White Ceiling, White Vanity, White Toilet, White Rug Double Vanities
Bathroom With White Marble Floor, Marble Wall On Shower Are, White Vanity Marble Top, Pink Textured Tiles On The Wall
Bathroom, White Yellow Brown Marble Tiles, Golden Accent Near The Mirror, White Sink
Bathroom, White Marbl On The Wall, Wooden Floor, Wooden Accent Wall, White Toilet, White Tub
Brown Marble Living Room On Floor And Wall, Wooden Door, Glas Partition, Round Mirror, Marble Vanity Top, Shelves
Bathroom, White Marble With Black Pattern On Floor, Vanity, Shelves, Accent Wall, Tiles On The Wall, Big Square Mirror, Two Round Mirror
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Marble Accent Walls, Vanity, Shower Room
Bathroom, White Marble With Pinkish Pattern, Beige Vanity Table With Built In Sink, Black Faucet, Beige Tub With Black Faucet, Round Mirror, Pendants
Bathroom, Marble Tiles Floor, Wall, Backsplash, White Drawers With Marble Top, White Sink, Mirrors, Wooden Shelf
Bathroom, Beige Floor, White Marble Wall, White Sink, Golden Cage With Shelves Under The Sink, Square Mirrors With Golden Frame

Marble has always been beautiful with its own originality of pattern. It always looks amazing, luxurious, and elegant wherever it’s installed. Bathroom is no exception. Even, with marble, a bathroom which can be dingy and gloomy can look more cheerful with its playful pattern. Here below are some bathroom with playful pattern of marble you will love.

Warm Marble
As marble commonly has warm hint on the pattern, it is always interesting to see it plays with the lighting. With white lamp, it will show you the clear pattern it has. But with warm lighting, it can be even warmer.

Warm Brownish
To bring a warm bathroom, brown pattern of marble might be the best option you can go. This one here looks perfectly warm without forgetting to look extraordinarily elegant, especially from the golden light fixture and the elegant round mirror.

Half Marble
The pattern in marble is its own attractiveness. However, not anybody can go with patterns in the entire room. For those people, half of the room getting on marble is enough, especially when the vanity looks unique.

Beige Match
In creating warm bathroom, marble obviously can help. However, forgetting the rest of the furniture would be a wrong step. Seen in this one, with beautiful marble tiles, this room is also equipped with beige vanity and tub that match each other.

Artistic Marble
As marble commonly gives classic and elegant touch, it is seldom to see it playfully adds more modern look, like this one. Installed on the floor, it also gives an interesting cuts on the wall with some accents combined with wood. The same combination is used in making the partition to the marbled shower area.

Combined with Pink Shades
Combination with marble is opened to any material. In this one below, the bathroom is seen with white marble from the floor to the wall of the shower area. The backsplash and soap shelves are interestingly covered with pink textured tiles.

Wood and Marble
As two material with natural look, wood and marble gives the same warmth to the room. Combined together, they can make the room almost rustic here, if not modernize with the white tub and toilet with sleek lines.

Combined Marble
While the previous one shows how marble is combined with another textured accent, this one here shows how marble perfectly combined together with two different colors. Seen here, these two colors, white and grey, have close relationship and thus it makes the room glides really well in term of color. It matches well.

Unique Sink
As marble can look pops out in a room, it can also steps back and be a great canvas to the room to let more unique design looking profound. Seen in this one, the unique sink with white and golden accents are stealing the attention while marble give calmer canvas to them.

Elegant Sink
Elegance is easily seen in golden colors. And here, it is easily found on the golden accent near the mirror and the marble itself that has brown gold pattern. The combination is really beautiful. It looks luxurious.

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