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kitchen, wooden floor, pink marble island, wooden cabinet, white marble wall Architectural Digest

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Marble Island, Silver Pendants, Windows
Kitchen, Wooden Herringbone Floor, White Marble Island, White Cabinet, White Wall, White Pendants, Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Dark Green Cabinet, Marble Island, Wooden Floating Shelves,
Kitchen, Wooden Zigzag Floor, White Wall, White Marble, Floating Shelves, White Cabinet With White Marble Top, Blue Table, White Modern Chandelier
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Pink Marble Island, Wooden Cabinet, White Marble Wall
Kitchen, Marble Backsplash, White Wall, Mirror Cabinet, Wooden Chairs And Table
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Marble Kitchen Island, Black Cabinet, Black Stools
Kitchen, Black Herringbone Floor Tiles, Mirror Wall, Blue Marble Island, Golden Pendant, Golden Cabinet
Kitchen, White Wooden Floor, White Marble Wall, Black Pendants, Black Marble Island, Black Stools, Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Shelves, Marble Backsplash, White Round Table, Wooden Chairs, White Pendant

Putting elegant ambiance in the room can be fun and challenging. However, with marble, it seems like it is so easy to create the luxurious and elegant ambiance. The natural material brings gracious and patterns to the room that can only prettify it. Any room can have marble tiles, from the most private room like bedroom to the hottest one like kitchen. In the kitchen, putting marble gives even more benefit. With its cold surface, it could help the kitchen to feel colder and fresher. Below are some inspirations for marble in the kitchen.

White with Blue
This kitchen makes an easy and interesting elegant look with its white marble and the soft yet pronounced blue table. The brown and black herringbone floor give the kitchen a perfect background as well as interesting pattern to the space.

Marble in Minimalism
This kitchen brings out minimalist look but with details here and there. The ceiling is decorated in carved details, the wall is decorated with wainscot, the sleek island is decorated wit marble pattern and the floor is with pattern from the wooden floor.

White and Black Marble
If you love to have something minimalist but with a little twist, you would love to have black and white marble decorating your kitchen, like this one here. The black and white marble in the island makes a simple addition to the kitchen.

Brown Marble
This kitchen has a great look. The combination of dark green cabinet and the white and neutral wall and floor. The island is enhanced with neutral brown marble island that looks blended with the kitchen.

Fresh and Sweet
For those who love sweet look, this kitchen can help you get it. The kitchen is decorated with pinkish marble on the island that blends well with the wooden herringbone floor and white cabinet and wall.

Blushed Kitchen
Similar to the previous one, this one also has pretty pink on the marble. This has made the kitchen looks blushed prettily. With cream cabinet on top and on the bottom, the kitchen looks even prettier.

Marbled Backsplash
This kitchen has an open space that brings out fresh and bright look. The backsplash with natural pattern gives the space even fresher and open feeling. It matches the theme that the kitchen has.

Dramatic Marble
For those who love dramatic look, this kitchen gives the beautifully dramatic wall through the black and white marble. Completed with black marble island and black stools and pendant, the kitchen brings out strong ambiance.

Fun Marble
While people think that elegant look should be calm and soft, this one here puts a different tone. The blue marble is decorated with pretty and bold pattern in this island and backsplash. This kitchen brings dark and serious tone while putting some fun in the middle.

Brown Ash
The kitchen below is located in an alley but it successfully looks larger and more interesting with mirror on the cabinet door and the marble backsplash.

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