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kitchen with white cabinet with white marble counter top, white cabinet on top with wooden shelves, marble on the wall The Nest

Kitchen With White Wall, Grey Cabinet, Marble Countertop And Backsplash, Wooden Open Shelves
Kitchen With White Wall, White Cabinet On Top, Green Cabinet Under The White Marble Top, White Marble Backsplash, White Marble Island
Marble Countertop, Island With Marble Cover, Golden Faucet
Kitchen With Black Marble Top On The Black Island, Stool, White Marble Bacsplash, White Cabinet, White Light Tiles
Kitchen With White Cabinet With White Marble Counter Top, White Cabinet On Top With Wooden Shelves, Marble On The Wall
Kitchen With White Floor, White Cabinet And Wall, White And Black Marble Island, Black Chairs With Golden Support
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Green Wooden Cabinet, Brown Marble Top, Brown Open Shelves, Brown Marble Island With Sink
Kitchen With Marble Floor With Golden Lines, White Cabinet, White Larder, Wooden Cabinet, White Marble Island, Golden Stool
Kitchen With White Cabinet, White Tiles Backsplash, White Island With White Marble Countertop, Marble Back Wall For The Stove
Kitchen With Black Cabinet, Wooden Floor, White Marble Island, Wooden Wine Shelves, Black Stool

Among other tiles, natural tiles are the most expensive. It is due to how it’s produce (through high levels of heat pressured) that it becomes rarer, the durability, the maintenance, and the naturally beautiful look. And among those natural stones, marble is one of the most expensive. And that’s because among all those reasons, marble can be one of the prettiest. Marble is usually used in sink, counter-top, and flooring. Here, though, are some used in the kitchen.


Adding A Little Touch

One of the most common use of marble is in the kitchen, especially in the countertop and backsplash. It’s simply because marble has the best material that is durable with water and temperature. So that it will lasts long without any changing (unless you never clean it). HEre in the picture is a kitchen that use marble for its countertop and backsplash. Look at the beautiful natural pattern the stone has.


All the Wall

Similar to the previous one, this one too use marble stone to cover the countertop and backsplash. However, not only that, this one here continues the natural stone to the wall on the back of the open shelves that store the dishware.


Marble Island

With this one here, although you can only see the island, as the island here has a really beautiful pattern of stone, it feels like more than a pretty example on how marble will look on the entire surface of an island.


Island Top

While the previous one shows you how stunning an island is, covered by marble, this one here shows you how calm and pretty an island is with marble counter top. In the island, you will be able to cook, eat, converse with your guests. And marble, being a natural stone with hard and cooling surface, will give you a long comfortable time.


Patterned Marble

While the previous shows you white marble look, this one here is bolder. The white and black marble displays two opposite tones that gives a gorgeous accent to the white kitchen with golden lines.


Black and White

If the previous one plays black and white with the marble itself, in this one, the marble stays white and pretty while the cabinet in the kitchen goes black. This combination strengthen each other tones.


White and Gold

To create an elegant feeling, gold color touch is commonly used. It can be used extravagantly or subtly. This one here use the gold touch subtly in the floor and in the stool while maintaining to get white color for the rest, except on the wooden cabinet. The marble (used grandly in island and on then floor) itself, even though it’s white, it has warm pattern of brown and yellow that matches well with gold color.


Black Marble

Even though white marble is a natural beauty, black marble has its own charm. In this kitchen below, the marble used in the backsplash and island here shows its brave and timeless color of black. Not only that, the marble itself presents a very beautiful pattern on the side.


Elegant Marble

The previous kitchens are all elegant kitchen and this one here is more minimalist and simple. However, with brown marble in the middle of the kitchen that cover the island, this kitchen looks more than just a simple kitchen. It has elegance in it too.


All Marble

Just like the kitchen before, this one here is also a modern looking kitchen with white marble all over the surface. Adding the glamorous side, this kitchen looks so pretty and fashionable.

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