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modern rounded free standing tub grey marble wall raised sink dark wooden cabinet built in shelves GOOD FELLAS CONSTRUCTION

Desk Modeled Vanity Unit Mosaic Grey Wall Built In Shelves Two Wall Mirror Cove Lighting Wooden Stool Wooden Floor
Modern Rounded Free Standing Tub Grey Marble Wall Raised Sink Dark Wooden Cabinet Built In Shelves
Brown Marble Wall Marble Tiled Floor Vertically Veined Marble Wall Cream Colored Cabinet Brown Free Standing Bathtub
Patty & AJ
Pebble Shower Floor Half Brick Wall Seat Brick Bench Decorative Wall Floating Shelves Wooden Floor
Glossy Wooden Free Standing Bathtub Mosaic Tiles Wall Marble Wall Contemporary Vanity Unit Customized Stool
Beige Marble Floor Brick Wall Contemporary White Free Standing Bathtub Glass Shower Door Floating Vanity Unit
Small Tiled Wall Beige Wall Wooden Floor Contemporary Dark Wooden Cabinet Walk In Closet Built In Shelves
Grey Stone Wall Wave Patterned Wall Contemporary Free Standing Bathtub Dark Colored Runner Custom Fireplace
Horizontally Veined Wall Rustic Marble Wall Contemporary Free Standing Bathtub Floating Shelves Grey Marble Tiles

You might be in the plan to build or remodel the bathroom for your family’s convenience. As the bathroom can be regarded as the important space in your house that can affect your mood, you will need the most stunning design or ideas of the bathroom. Here’s the article showing you the remodel ideas of master bathroom suited everyone’s mood.

Stunning with Beige

beige marble floor brick wall contemporary white free standing bathtub glass shower door floating vanity unit

Timothy Cook Designs

The dominant beige color of this master bathroom is a fresh idea which can make you feel the elegance of it.The white touch on the tub and the floating vanity unit complete its beauty. The texture is not monotonous with the appearance of patterned brick wall there.

Classy in Brown

The brown domination of this master bath seems so classic. However, if you look deeper, the touch of glossy on the marble wall, the brown bathtub, and the adorable vertically veined wall make this mater bathroom so classy. You will be unable to leave its comfort, I guess.

Luxury in Simplicity

Look the idea of this master bathroom. It is gorgeous, isn’t it? The painted marble wall is dark brown suited with contemporary cabinet colored by the darker tone. The white rounded  free-standing tub in the center and the raised sinks will be your outstanding spotlight. One more thing, the built-it shelve behind the tub is the other feature everyone wants to have.

Splendid Patterned Wall

This simple design does not mean letting you less creative. You will be able to model the wall with its splendid pattern of vertical vein and the modern shape of bathtub. In addition, the floating shelves will mesmerize you as well. It is a-must-have idea of master bathroom for everyone.

Enjoying the Brick

What interesting about this idea of master bathroom are the half brick wall completed with its seat bench and the pebble floor. They look so traditional yet the other features are still pleasing. You will feel more comfy the floating shelves, decorative walls, and the glass wall.

Walk-in Space

This idea offers you the walk-in master bathroom. There are a lot of adorable points you can have: the small tiled wall, the shelves attached on the wall, the dark wooden cabinet and the wooden floors. All the combination are the perfect dream of bathroom lovers.

Open Shower Space

If you only have limited space, you don’t have to worry to create a model of master bathroom based on your creativity. This master bathroom idea can be your inspiration.The outstanding features of this master bathroom are the stone wall blended with dark tone of ceiling. The most lovely part is the rain head shower enabling you to get relaxed in this bathroom.

Desk Modeled Vanity Unit

This design of bathroom is so unique because of its vanity unit modeled like a desk made of wood. You will be more entertained with the two wall mirrors and grey mosaic tile wall. It is design for you who are bored with the custom ones.

Wave Wall

For you who love simplicity, this idea will suit you best. Your mood will be dragged on the relaxation on and on with the wave patterned wall, the fireplace and the dark runner on the floor.

Wooden Bathtub

The features of this master bathroom idea are mostly dominated by mosaic tiled wall and its glossy wooden tub. The wooden stall is customized choice you can try.

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