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bedroom, wooden floor, blue rug, blue bedding, wooden bed platform, light blue wall, white pattern textured ceiling, wooden bedsde cabinet, mirror, wooden chair My Domaine

Bedroom, White Rug Flooring, Grey Bench, Light Grey Wall, White Ceiling, White Covered Crystal Chandelier, White Bedding, Grey Tuffed Bed Platform, Orange Grey Curtains
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Blue Bedding, Wooden Bed Platform, Light Blue Wall, White Pattern Textured Ceiling, Wooden Bedsde Cabinet, Mirror, Wooden Chair
Bedroom, Beige Floor, Rattan Rug, White Fur Rug, Wooden Bed Platform, White Bedding, Shade, Floating Shelves, Rattan Covered Pendant, Geometric Cushioned Bench
Bedroom, Grey Rug Flooring, Blue Rug, White Bedding, Grey Bed Platform, Grey Wall, White Bedside Table, Bed Table Lamp, Plants On Pot, Geomteric Chandelier
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Bedding, Dark Velvet Headboard, Wooden Bench, Golden Covered Pendants, White Walls, Statement Ceiling
Bedroom, Beige Rug Flooring, White Sofa, White Blue Ottoman, White Bedding, White Tufted Headboard, Off White Wall And Tray Ceiling, Pendant, Bedside Cabinet, Chandelier
Bedroom, Chessboard White Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Bedding, Orange Blanket, Rattan Pendant, Macrame, Plants, Wooden Chair With White Cushinos, Glass Wooden Door
Bedroom, Whtie Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Bedding, Black Wooden Bed Platform, White Sofa, Grey White Wall, White Ceiling, Chandelier, White Wooden Bedside Cabinet
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Wooden Bench With Rattan Cushion, Dark Blue Wall, Stone Pattern Wallpaper, White Bedding, Dark Tufted Headboard, Round Side Table
Bedroom, Dark Wall, Grey Bedding, Mirror Bedside Cabinet, Mirror, Chandelier, Blue Chairs, White Blue Ottomans

In a home, master bedroom would be the place where people want to splurge some fund to decorate and get the best look. This is because master bedroom will sometimes mean grandest bedroom. And for that purpose, looking at ten master bedrooms below will help you get some inspirations.

Comfortable Modern
Although modern look sometimes can look really stark and stiff, combined with incredible bedding like this one definitely change it. There are some interesting ideas here starts from the statement ceiling which is on tray but with pattern textured inside, the wooden bench on the foot board, and the golden covered pendants that looks pronounced. It is like combining some look but with modern and comfortable statement in the end.

Boho Master
Getting comfortable look is quite easy when you follow bohemian styles. With bohemian, the fluffy and soft textured and fringe look help a room look comfortable. Not only that, the natural color will give warmth as well.

Natural Looking
In this master bedroom, the look is simple and natural. With white wall and ceiling, the bed come to match with white bedding. The other things in the room together helps the room to get natural look with natural material and neutral look.

Calm and Modern
This one is another room with modern and serene look. The clean lines on the bed, bench, geometric chandelier, and table on the side shows modern feeling. However, the plants and pillows along with windows treatment gives calm to the room.

Blue Master
This master bedroom is for those who love blue color without making it too blue. The soft blue color decorates from the rug on the floor, the bedding, even the wall. Combined with white textured ceiling and the wooden furniture with ashen look, this room looks soft and the best place to get some relaxing time.

Under the Sloping Ceiling
Even though sloping ceiling can look like it’s an added room, it actually can give an unusual character not every room can give. And this master bedroom has turned sloping ceiling room into an elegant master room without losing the comfort look in the monochrome bedroom.

Light Grey Elegance
Light grey can give you neutral look and anything can goes well with light grey. Moreover, it can give you elegance. With comfortable look bed with the tufted bed platform and soft blanket, the room looks deliciously comfortable to sleep in. To add the elegance on the tufted platform, golden bench with light grey cushion is added on the foot board as well as luxurious chandelier.

Combined Look
Combining some looks can also make the owner’s own statement. That it’s original and flexible. Seen below is a room with dark blue wall and stone pattern accent wall with geometric mirrors combine with natural wooden rattan bench on the foot board. The rustic look on the chandelier also adds another feeling to the room. However, combined together like this has made the room looks stronger.

Soft Elegance
This one here holds a strong elegance while also having soft look. The tufted sofa and bed platform are sweet and classic. The chandelier and sofa looks luxurious. Combined together, they’re incredible.

Dark Elegance
While the previous one look so soft and sweet, this one here is stronger and bolder. With darker color, it successfully brings elegance to the room. Combined with reflective furniture like glass chandelier, cabinet and mirror, the room feels even more graceful.

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