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wood ceiling beige sofa wooden table colorful pillows moroccan pendant lamps spaious archway Luke Gibson Photography

Wood Beams Ceiling Beige Paint Large Archway Outdoor Chair Rattan Table Patterned Rug
Wood Ceiling Beige Sofa Wooden Table Colorful Pillows Moroccan Pendant Lamps Spaious Archway
Dark Harwood Floor Grey Sofa Decorative Archway Area Rug Wine Storage Kitchen Bar Wood Ceiling Beams
Wood Beams Ceiling Fans White Sofa Sofa Table Square Coffee Table Dark Hardwood Floor
Large Brick Arch Way Grey Rug White Sofa Brown Sofa Dark Hardwood Floor Square Wooden Coffee Table Fire Place
Wood Beams Ceiling Lamp Decorated Wall Orange Stripped Sofa Brown Couch Wooden Floor Wooden Table
Spacious Hall Wood Ceiling Glass Coffee Table White Sofa Brown Fur Rug Dark Pillow Square Pendant Lights
Granite Floor Brown Sofa Ceiling Fans Decorative Archway Wood Beams
Wood Beams Ceiling Lamps Decorated Arch Window Dark Sofa Wooden Sofa Table Brick Wall Rounded Wooden Coffee Table
Brick Ceiling Brick Wall Marble Counter Top Dark Wooden Cabinet Tiled Granite Floor Hanging Lamps

If you like enjoying the beach, then you will choose the interior design that is fit with your interest. The design of Mediterranean may be your preferable option since it can accommodate your desire to go back to the nature and exhale the fresh air. This writing will provide you the inspiration of Mediterranean interior design you may have.

Coastal Room

This design offers you heavenly breathtaking feeling by the open room facing the blue sea. The contemporary interior designs are well matched with the large space available and the wooden beams at the ceiling.

Beauty in Decorated Wall

Look.. how gorgeous this room is. The rooms looks so unique with the decorated painted wall and the wood ceiling beams. The other wooden features at the table and floors should be paid attention to. It is wrapped adorably with the orange color on the sofa.

White Concept

If you go to this concept, you will have the white dominant color with the high ceiling model. The color of the wood floor is well contrasted with the white and grey sofa on it. It is so refreshing idea of Mediterranean design.

Moroccan Design

The most eye-catching design by Moroccan style you can adopt.It offers you colorful features on the pillows blended with wooden table. The spacious archway enables you to directly enjoy the outdoor view.

Mediterranean Style Covered by Brown

You will be mesmerized by the stunning brown theme over the whole features of this room. With the design of open space, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset through the large arch window. The brick wall is another thing you can be inspired to.

Relaxing Balcony

wood beams ceiling beige paint large archway outdoor chair rattan table patterned rug

Wendy Zolezzi Designs

If you are looking for the concept of balcony facing the outdoor, this design will give a fresh idea. This balcony has the wood beams ceiling completed with the custom tiled floor. What so interesting are the set of outdoor chair and table. It’s a perfect place to enjoy your spare time.

Decorated Brick Archway

The unique idea of this design lies on the large brick archway which is well matched with the wooden floor. It offers you open rooms concept since your family gathering room is connected with the other room.

Rustic Mediterranean Kitchen

It provides you with the most desirable design with its brick ceiling and wall.The tiled granite floor is so classic yet still splendid. It is the great idea for people who adore the Mediterranean concept.

Seaside Designed Room

This is another idea of family room that is truly breathtaking. With the open concept, you may relish the view from the pool or even the sea. The decorative furniture like the archway will serve you better feeling when you and your family spend your whole day here.

Splendid Family Room

For you who love spending the time with the family, this place will be the great idea. The white sofa on the wooden floor looks so comfortable. The sofa table with the two couches are the additional points.

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