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Metal End Table Nesting Table Blue Armchair Traditional Area Rug White Sofa Armchair Coffee Table Throw Pillows Table Lamp Fireplace Wall Sconces

An end table is a good addition in a space for gathering, especially in a living room. It is so practical and functional. The end table can be a place where you are able to put a table lamp, keep something in its drawer, and put the cup of tea on it. Although you can find many materials of the end table, you should consider a metal end table. A metal end table is so durable and looks stylish. It can be added in a rustic or classic style living room or the modern one. The following are some metal end table ideas that will complete your living room furniture items.

Table Shapes

Get different shapes of tables in your living room. This round end table has a combination of wood and metal. The wood is used as the table top and the shelf, while the black metal is used as its frame.

Metal End Table for A Curved Sofa

To complete the beige curved rustic sofa, there are a glass coffee table and a glass end table with metal legs. The glass material that is used for the furniture items can make the living room look more spacious.

A Traditional Living Room

This traditional living room features a brown sofa, a wooden coffee table, a white wingback armchair, and an end table. The end table is made of glass and metal. An antique table lamp is placed on it.

A Lucas End Table

The metal end table is from Caracole called Lucas End Table. It has a minimalist design and really suitable to fill the end side of the white sofa.

A Grey Room

This spacious grey living room has two wide grey sofas, a glass coffee tables, black metal end tables with glass tops, and a grey area rug. Glass and metal end tables are so popular because it can be added in any style of a room.

Wooden Top for A Metal End Table

Besides a glass top, you can get a metal end table with a wooden top. It is a safe and warm top for a metal table. This round end table has a wooden top and metal frame with circle patterns.

Metal End Tables with Glass Shelves

This living room provides comfortable white sofas, a wooden coffee table, a fireplace, white built-in shelves, and two end tables. They come in glass top, glass shelves, and metal frames.

Metal End Table with Drawer and Shelf

These end tables have wooden drawers and shelves as storage solutions. The white sofa is well placed between the dark end tables that make it stand out more and balance the tone.

A Metal Nesting Table

The metal stacking end tables are great in this small living room. A nesting table can free up some space with its stylish design.

A Metal End Table for Classic Living Room

This classic living room offers some comfortable furniture items. The brown ottoman can be used as a coffee table. To fill the wall behind the sofa, you can hang two wall mirrors.

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