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living room, grey floor, white wall, hanging fireplace, traditional pendant, wooden curvy sofa, white built in window bench with pillors, window, white rug Nimvo

Living Room, Dark Wooden Floor, Natural Stone Floor Tiles, Black Metal Fireplace, White Wall, White Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Beams,
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Grey Metal Fireplace, Grey Wooden Table, Beige Lounge Sofa With Pillow
Wooden Floor Wall And Ceiling, Wooden Rocking Chair, Wooden Chair, Black Metal Fireplace, Floating Shelves, Wooden Table
Living Room, Grey Floor, White Wall, Hanging Fireplace, Traditional Pendant, Wooden Curvy Sofa, White Built In Window Bench With Pillors, Window, White Rug
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Black Metal Fireplace, Rattan Ottomans, Wooden Chair With Blue Cushion, Ratan Baskets, White Wall,
Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Beams, Black Metal Fireplace, Wooden Chair Grey Cushion, Grey Pillows
Open Tichen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Kitchen Cabinet With Wooden Top, White Sink, Window Table, Wooden Bench, Black Metal Fireplace, White Sofa, White Ottoman
Wooden Floor Wall And Ceiling, Wooden Floating Shelves, Curatin, Grey Bedding, Pillows, Black Metal Fireplace, Pendantm Rug
Living Room, Yellow Floor, Leather Bench, White Sofa, Leather Couch, Wallpaper, White Built In Fireplace, Metal Fireplace Inside
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Grey Metal Fireplace, Grey Orange Ottoman, Wooden Table, Woods Under

Small space living room can be a trick thing when you also have to afford a fireplace in the room. It cannot be too big but it should be able to warm the whole room. There are many types of fireplace that you can choose. However, having metal fireplace might be one of the best things as it does not take too much space, easy to install, and it can radiates warmth good enough. Here below are ten practical metal fireplace for small living space.

Farmhouse Open Room
In this open house with small kitchen, window table, and living room, a small metal fireplace is positioned in the corner. This enables the warmth to flow well to the room.

Enjoying Ottoman
In a small space living room, the area in front of the fireplace might be limited too. And if it’s the case, getting out ottoman on the floor so that you can enjoy yourself in front of the fireplace. Looking at the chopped wood here, this one here might be traditional fireplace. It might be more difficult to clean but it has more traditional feeling to it.

Small Wooden Room
In this small wooden room, the metal fireplace chosen is the traditional one with closed model. With only wooden rocking chair and wooden chair, the heat of the fireplace can be enjoyed.

Cozy Living Room
While some living room is small and has chairs to enjoy warmth, this one here, albeit the small space puts comfortable sofa bed near the window with pillows to make it even cozier. The floating bookshelves above makes it a perfect reading place.

Comfortable Spot
In this one, the one that makes it comfortable is the lounge chair that can be enjoyed while you read or probably think some philosophical thoughts. Similar to the previous one, this one probably the traditional one where you literally burn the woods, considering some serious pile of chopped wood.

Cozy Rattan Chairs
This one also uses traditional metal fireplace with the burning woods. While it is romantic, it actually requires more maintenance. However, indeed, when it’s completed with natural surrounding, it looks amazingly warm.

Modern Touch
Although metal fireplace looks traditional, it is easy to match with modern and minimalist look. Seen in this one, the wall behind the fireplace is decorated with unique lines and the smooth and lean finish on the wooden chairs looks amazing.

Rustic Surrounding
This one here projects more rustic yet with clean finish. The wood on the floor, wall, and ceiling looks clean, and light. This goes along with the lean and clean lines of the chair and fireplace.

Cozy Corner
This one here shows a really comfortable corner with its window bench and wooden sofa with its smooth and clean curve. With the hanging metal fireplace, the room looks warm and traditionally modern.

Combining Fireplace
While metal fireplace can stand on its own, sometimes people like to put it inside the built-in fireplace. It might be because they already have the built-in fireplace but want to go with something simpler. However, as long as the practical use is gained, it’s all okay. Moreover, it actually gives a unique look.

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