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kitchen with sleek orange bar stool with back, wooden four lgs with support and leg rest Houzz

Kitchen With White Table With Sleek Copper Colored Wooden Bar Stools With Back
Bar Stool With Stainless Steel Sleek Foot, White Leather Cushion And Backs With Wooden Cover
Wooden Bar Stool With Backs, Black Leather Seating
Kitchen With White Furniture, Wooden Floor, Woden Round Sleek Bar Stool
Kitchen With White Marble Top Kitchen Island With Dark Wooden Bar Stools With 4 Feet
Colorful Sleek See Through Plastic Bar Stool In Brown Green Red And Blue
Muted Silver Kitchen With Kitchen Island, Muted Silver Bar Stools Wth Back
Uniquely Shaped Wooden Bar Stools
Kitchen With Sleek Orange Bar Stool With Back, Wooden Four Lgs With Support And Leg Rest
Modern Kitchen In Brown Palette With Brown Kitchen Island With Glass Top, White Round Leather Seating Bar Stools With Back

The interior design style emerged in 1950s to 1970s will always be one of the greatest movement. Even as time passing by, this style does not go out. There are still many people love to have the sleek, clean cut, or round surface of the minimalist design. And here below are some ideas on putting our mid century modern style on your kitchen particularly on the bar stools. Obviously, there are so many ways to get into that.

The Round Backed Bar Stool

As you can see in this picture, the kitchen consists of dark color and with one stand out color. In this dark kitchen with dark kitchen island, you can see white round bar stools that point out the sleek curve line and put themselves as the accent color.

Muted Kitchen

Here is the example of a muted colored kitchen for you who don’t really like flashy color. You can see the bar stools have the minimalist points the mid century modern style has been concerned of.

Mid Century Modern Wooden Bar Stool

Although mid century modern style seldom adding rustic feeling, wooden bar stool is so irresistible it is almost always to be something you won’t miss in your room. Of course the sleek line and polished design will never be missed.

Origami-Like Bar Stool

Similar to the previous bar stools, these ones are also wooden. You might notice the shape of the bar stools that looks like it’s shaped from origami paper. It also has the sleek line of mid century modern has been proud of.

Wooden Stools on Wooden Kitchen

As it is said, rustic feeling is not part of the mid century modern movement in interior design. But if you feeling creative and you want to mix those two, you can still have the natural feeling from wood and the clean cut and sleek lines of mid century modern, like the picture below.

Bar Stool with Octopus Legs

In this white kitchen island, the bar stools is so pretty with wooden seating and back and stainless steel support and legs like octopus.

Colorful Plastic Bar Stools

The bar stools in this picture really stand out. While the open room is in brown wooden design, they are in four color plastic. It is such a beautiful spot.

Sleek Short Bar Stool

These bar stools are really pretty with wooden look from the back and white leather cushion once you sit on. The sleek curve on the back really agrees with mid century modern design.

Slim Wooden Bar Stool

From this picture, you can notice how slim and smooth the lines on the bar stools are. With copper-like color, these stools accented the kitchen with white and black color.

Orange Bar Stool

With these big orange bar stools, you can pull the attention to the bar stools. And if you notice, these stools are not ordinary stools with its sleek plastic seating and black steel support nicely done under the seating. Besides that it also consists of wooden legs and round leg rests. Such combination for a bar stool!


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