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living roomwith beige rug, orange plastic midcentury chair, blue sofa, wooden coffee table, black floor lamp Kia Designs

Living Room With Soft Green Sofa, Brown Leathered Half Round Chairs, Blue Upholstered Bench, Big Blue Table Lamps, Black Side Tables, Glass Top Table
Living Room With Nude Sofa, Black Leather Chairs, Glass Coffee Table, Fireplace, Animal Print Rug
Living Roomwith Beige Rug, Orange Plastic Midcentury Chair, Blue Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Black Floor Lamp
Living Room With Orange Patterned Chairs, Warm Brown Sofa, Wooden Long Coffee Table, Nesting Side Table, Glass Hanging Bulb Chair With Blue Cushion, Wall Shelves
Living Room With Comfortable Lounge Chairs, Blue Chairs, Grey Sofa, Coffee Table With Shelves, Blue Rugs, Dining Set With White Table And Orange Plastic Chairs
Living Room With White Painted Wall, Yellow Wooden Wall And Green Plank, Brown Leather Sofa, Geometrical Lines Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table
Living Room With Blue Sofa, Chairs, Wooden Cabinet, Flower Cap Floor Lamp, Tv, Warm Yellow Rug, Grey Painted Wall
Living Room With Half Round Grey Sofa With Blue Green Pillows, Blue Grey Lounge Chair, Green Chair, Round Coffee Table, Yellow Ottomans, Fireplace, Warm Colored Ru
Living Room With Brown Leathered Chairs, Beige Sofa, Warm Orange Rug, Glass Top Coffee Table, Geometric Lines Floor Lamp, Wall Shelves
Living Room With Green And White Wall, Bricks On Fireplace, Blue Grey And Purple On Sofas, Brown Marble Coffee Table, Green Rug, Floor Lamp

One of interior styles that never seems to die is mid century modern style. This one can’t ever seem to vanish from the market. It is the styles that allows clean sleek cut in simple color and manner and lets your room go modern and stylish. It is not only from the furniture that you can go on mid-century styles but you can also play with the color of the room both from the furniture and the walls. If you’d like to apply midcentury modern style in your living room, below are some beautiful ideas you can apply to your living room.

Bluish Room

In this room, you can see clearly how the simplicity takes place on the sofa and chairs. The sofa and chairs color blend so very well with the wall and it gives the room spacious feeling. The chairs with darker blue color keeps the room to be to colorful but the yellow rug and floor lamp with flower cap gives a something to color the room.

Warm Green on the Room

The room is rich with warm brown color starts from the leather sofa to the coffee table. The paintings with green brown color gives warm fluorescent to the room when it is shined by the artistic pendant lamp that provides yellowish glow.

More Green in the Wall

In this room, you can see the color the sleek lines and the warm toned color on the furniture. But you can spot the bold color on the geometric pattern rug that completes the room. with the green wall, the room looks fresh, bold and warm at the same time.

Warm Toned Brown

In this warm living room, the simplicity and the warm color of the furniture blend really well. The floor lamp has sloping leg that shows the characteristic of mid century style. The warm orange rug with geometric pattern on it adds the mid century tone in it.

Warm Simple Orange Living Room

If you love to get warm tone living room but you want to make it lit, you can use orange color in your room. Like this room below, the orange color they use is warm but it lit the room so that it shines warmly.

Soft Clean Lines in Living Room

In this living room, the mid century modern spirit is seen in the geometrical lines of the bench and the rug. It is also seen from the absent of ornaments in the furniture.

Warm Green Modern Living Room

In this room you can see how clean and sleek lines can looks warm in living room when you have the right colors. With soft green and blue colors, the room looks warm ready to welcome the family to have a really good time.

Minimalist Living Room

In this minimalist living room, you can see how this room looks modern in its sleek furniture on chairs and sofa. The glass coffee table looks light and gives modern feeling to the room.

Plays with Lighting

In this minimalist living room, you can see there are several lamps that will give lights to the room. They are floor lamp, pendant wall lamp, and pendant lamp. Each of it gives different color to the room.

Comfortable Warm and Cool Colors

Even though people tend to do it one way, you can mix warm and cool colors in one room if you want to and still make the room feels amazing.

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