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living room, blue rug, wooden coffee table, pink wall, white sofa, wooden chair, golden shelves Ruffled

Living Room, Wooden Wall, White Plank Wall, Green Sofas, White Chair, White Floor Lamps, Wooden Side Table
Living Room, White Floor, White Rug, White Round Modern Coffee Table, Blue Sofa, Grey Ottoman
Living Room, Brown Rug, White Wall, White Coffee Table, Blue Corner Sofa, Black Ceiling Fan
Living Room, Wooden Herringbone Floor, Teal Corner Sofa, White Wall, White Patterned Rug, Glass Window
Living Room, Pink Rug, White Wall, Grey Sofa, Wooden Tray Coffee Table, Pink Ottoman
Living Room, Blue Rug, Blue Modern Bench, Grey Wall, Blue Leather Bench, Black Coffee Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Dark Wooden Wall, Orange Sofa, Orange Chairs, Rug
Living Room, Blue Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Pink Wall, White Sofa, Wooden Chair, Golden Shelves
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Wall, White Marble Coffee Table, Whte Sofa
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Pink Wall, Green Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Bulbs Chandelier

Lots of young people now are millenials. And they set the trend. With minimalist and modern look get to the trend, millenials love to make the best out of it. These ones here are ten modern living room that young people this age would love to have. If you love to get the modern living room as well, these ten great living rooms below would give extraordinary inspirations to begin with.

Soft Blue
If you love large and fresh feeling, you would love this neutral living room. The off white floors and wall look calming and relaxing. The soft blue sofa blends perfectly well with the softness of the room.

Serious Blue
Similar to the previous one, this modern living room uses blue in a brilliant way. Put on the rug and sofa, this darker blue looks fantastic, combined with off white wall.

Crowd Blue
This living room shows warmth from the tight and crowd setting. The clean and tidy lines on the sofa and coffee table brings a simplicity to the room while the brown and golden lines puts on more warmth in the room.

Modern Avocado
Basked in bright light, this room looks fresh and amazing. The green sofa shows even more freshness to see. The wooden floor and wall planks bring warmth to the amazing living room.

Plush Teal Sofa
This modern living room looks rich and warm. The wooden herringbone floor makes a nice patterned to the room while the deep teal sofa that looks so plush and comfortable brings rich color to strengthen the warmth.

Pretty Contrast
This living room shows a nice and beautiful contrast with the combination of pink wall and green sofa. The cheerful combination set the modern living room in a fun way. The clean and tidy lines in the room puts the room in a great modern ambiance.

Fiery Orange
Setting up a bold living room, the space is deep with dark wooden wall and floor while the orange sofa puts a really strong note in the room. The curvy and lean lines look so easy in this room.

Soft and Modern
The living room in this one below shows a soft and calm look with grey and soft pink color. The white wall makes it easy to blend it with the soft living room. In this neutral look of a living room, the patterns on the rug put a pretty details to the almost plain room.

Comfortable Modern
This one shows a modern living room with traditional touches and soften the room in its way. The white marble coffee table gives a pretty touch to the white on white setting.

Little Modern
This modern living room puts some small furniture and make the living room looks larger. The bright light brings even more support to make it more airy. The golden touches and plants give fresh touches to the living room.

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