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wooden house box, small table inside, boxes for chairs, shelves on the side Bododo

House Wooden Box For Study Table With Shelves, Rain Wallpaper, Low Wooden Chair, Wooden Box
House White Wooden Box With White Table Wooden Wall, Wooden Floor, Wooden Shelves, Rug, Blue Sofa, Green Open Brick
White House Box On White Study Table With Small Shelves, White Wooden Storage Box, White Wooden Bed Platform With Rabbit Ear
Wooden House Box, Small Table And Boxes For Chair Inside, Display Shelves Beside
Triangular Shelves On Top Of Long Wooden Table, White Modern Chairs, Grey Drawers
Two Wooden Houses For Bed And Study, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Pegboards, Ropes
Grey House Box For Study With Table Inside, Black Rail For Pendants, Low Grey Metal Chairs
Wooden House Box, Small Table Inside, Boxes For Chairs, Shelves On The Side
Wooden Framed Mini House With Built In Bench, Hanging Table In The Middle
Natural Wood Look House Box With Low White Table, White Boxes, Shelves, Low Chairs

Kids can amaze us with their imagination. And supporting it is important. One of the ways that you can do is decorating their room in a supporting environment, like building mini house. Even the smallest mini house can spark their imagination. These ones here will display cute mini houses that will look so adorable in kids’ room.

Study Corner
Kids are built with intentions of playing around the whole time, to make study less intimidating and stressful, creating a fun corner for study is important. And this mini house box can help that. Added with shelves on top of the ceiling, it makes this mini house not only a study table but also a comfortable and practical study corner.

House Table
This one here uses house shaped wooden box to mark the study area. Adding matching white table and bookcase on the side, this one here puts a fun ambiance to study.

Low Table
For toddler, studying is not something that they should do. However, making it a habit to sit when they read a story or drawing and coloring can be a great thing for when they are older. Of course, to make it fun, house shaped box like this is one of the best options. It also has children display shelves on the side.

Fun House
In this one, the house box is not really big. It is a pretty decoration for the room. With its white small box, it will not block out view too. This one here does not only stop on the house box, though. Adding chimney on the wall, it also brings smoke and shelves above the bed.

Play House
This one here is perfect for toddlers. It is not only a floating house shaped box for study table but the kids can study inside the box. With low table accompanied with boxes to sit, the kids can have the most fun experience with table and chairs. The side of the house is shelves where they can put books and toys in it.

Role Play
Similar to the previous one, this one here also shows the fun of mini house where kids can use for role playing or studying. With displayed shelves on the side, it is a great place to read a story too.

Two Houses
While the other has house shaped box for study only, this one here offers an interesting and fun space with two boxes shaped like mini houses. One is for bed while the one across is for study.

Grey House
This one here is built for many people’s use. With large space, this one makes it only for table so that it can be used for some children at the same time. The pendants installed above the table makes it more modern and mature, exactly what kids want to be.

Pretty Sight
While the other make sure that it is solid box, this one here plays with the frame only. Covered with white clothe from the ceiling to the floor, this gives pretty ambiance to the already gorgeous inside with its bench and hanging table.

On the Roof
Although it’s not strictly shaped like a house, this triangular shelves brings similarity with house roof that it can still make the work done on the table as fun as playing. The roof itself shows more practical shelves that can be used perfectly.

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