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minimalist bedroom, wooden floor, wooden bed platform with storage, wooden side table, wooden window nook, window study table, wooden chair, white pendant Flickr

Minimalist Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Bed Platform With Storage, Built In Shelves On The Platform, Built In Floating Table On The Platform
Minimalist Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, White Wall, Wooden Bed Platform, Wooden Headboard, Wooden Slats On The Ceiling, Wooden Floating Table And Shelves, Grey Chair
Minimalist Bedroom, Brown Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Upper Cabinet, White Floating Table, Brown Wooden Bed With Storage Under, White Bedding, Pillows
Minimalist Bedroom, Wooden Floor, LED Lights On Bed Platform, Study Corner With Shelves, Floatnig Table, LED Lights, Black Chair
Minimalist Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Bed Platform With Storage, Wooden Side Table, Wooden Window Nook, Window Study Table, Wooden Chair, White Pendant
Minimalist Bedroom, Grey Dark Wooden Floor, Black Bed Platform, White Storage, Bilt In Black White Table, Ottoman, White Wall, White Ceiling
Minimalist Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, White Wall, Wooden Slabs Ceiling, Wooden Bed Platform Along The Wall, Floating Shelves, Wooden Table, White Midcentury Chair
Minimalist Bedroom, Wooden Bed Platform, Storage Under, White Wall, White Curtain, Wooden Built In Study Table, Wooden Shelves
Minimalist Bedroom, Grey Seamless Floor, Grey Wall With White Mural, Grey Ceiling, Wooden Slab Platform Box The Bedroom, White Floating Table, Grey Chair
Minimalist Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Wooden Bed Platform, White Shelves And Cabinet, Built In Floating Table, Wooden Chair

Scandinavian style in interior design has brought with it some design that has similar characteristics like modern and minimalist. It is so easy to fall in love with simplicity and minimalist look once you like one. It is because of the clean and tidy look on it. It is because of the smooth and clean lines that creates the space. And sometimes it is because of the natural material used often in designing the space. Because of the simplicity, it is so easy for young people to love the design and want to bring it in their bedrooms. Here below are ten brilliant ideas in creating minimalist and simple bedroom for young single people.

Half Grey
Neutral vibe and easiness that comes with modern look is so endearing that makes being tidy looks so effortless. This one shows the ease from the neutral choice of colors in the wall, wooden platform that is made along the side of the wall, and wooden floating table and shelves. The wooden slab on the ceiling makes the room more interesting.

Wooden Box
An interesting sight is seen in this one. First, it is the seamless grey floor, wall, and ceiling that creates unending grey background. Second, it is the white mural on the wall that makes the study corner feels not too serious. And the last is the wooden slabs that boxes the bed, bean bag, and storage. Located near the glass window, this box looks warm and bright.

Masculine Minimalist
Similar to the previous one, this one also has an interesting long bed platform that enables the owner to use the space for a special area to do something. With wooden slabs on the ceiling above the bed, it makes invisible lines to separate the area. Meanwhile, the wooden study set and the floating shelves brings simple and light vibe to the bedroom.

Minimalist Japan Style
While Scandinavian style still has some curvy details, Japan style is more minimalist that it comes along with simplicity often times. This one here not only uses wooden platform to put down bedding, it creates storage first. It also has built-in shelves and study table along.

Big Minimalist Bedroom
Minimalist bedroom can look in both small and big space. This one here shows a minimalist design in the wooden side table, window nook, and study table which are built in one line. The wood-white wainscoting might be inspired from Japanese style looks so simple yet beautiful.

Simple Teenager’s Room
This one shows a really simple room that maximize the space to be storage. It creates storage under the bedding and put on the wall on the upper side of the room.

One Side
Having a big platform in the bedroom can help you manage everything clearer. This one puts everything on the platform and leave the rest of the room clear.

Wood All Around
This one circles the room with wooden material on the floor, wall, and ceiling. The bed platform and the shelves-cabinet that is also built-in with the table looks so simple and practical.

Lights Accent
Minimalist room can be as simple as possible. However, adding LED lights to make light accent can give the room an interesting touch without ruining the minimalist look.

Black and White
Black and white probably two of the safest color used in everything. And these two are a great combination that cannot go wrong. Seen in this one, the platform is painted in black while the storage in white that makes them pronounced.

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