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bedroom, white wooden floor, black wall, white wall, black grid headboard, black headboard, wooden side table Home Design Ideas

Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Accent Wall, Wooden Grid ,pendants, Grey Headboard
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Grey Wall, Grey Headboard, Grey Side Cabinet, Pendants
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Wall, White Pendants, Wooden Bed Platform
Bedroom, Brown Floor Tiles, Marble Wall Tiles, Large Glass Window, Clear Glass Round Pendant, Black Round Side Table
Bedroom, White Wall, Grey Wall, Wooden Beams, Grey Side Cabinet, White Wooden Table Lamp,
Bedroom, Grey Wall Nook, White Pendants, White Cabinet, Side Table, Chandelier
Bedroom, White Wooden Floor, Black Wall, White Wall, Black Grid Headboard, Black Headboard, Wooden Side Table
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Bed Platform, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Table, Pendants, White Headboard, Cream Wall
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Grey Headboard, Pendants
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Grey Headboard, Grey Side Cabinet, Grey Bed Platform, Grey Bench

Although minimalist room can be really simple and, well, minimalist, it does not mean that it cannot have accents and details.Sometimes because you room is minimalist, you would want to make the room more interesting so that it would not feel too boring. With details and accents, a minimalist bedroom would look more alive and the details would be pronounced that the room can look stronger. This below is a compilation of minimalist bedroom with pretty accents and details to make the room more interesting.

Wooden Beams
This minimalist bedroom picks interesting details to decorate the wall. The wooden lines on the wall and ceiling make a really gorgeous setting around the bed platform. It gives unique effect to the bed like it gives a ray of wood.

Marble and Grid
This one shows how easy it is to make a minimalist bedroom looks pretty and amazing without adding too much details. The marble wall tiles and the grid on the wall makes subtle details that prettify the room.

Calm and Elegant
This bedroom also gives subtle details to the bedroom with marble wall and white cabinet on the left and right. This framed look is also helped with white pendants but with asymmetric setting. The elegant touches are enhanced also by bed frame and chandelier above.

Grey Wall
This one is another bedroom with subtle details on the wall. The marbled wall looks good with the grey wall and grey tufted headboard. The long and low pendants make a bright touch in the neutral grey background.

Cloudy Wall
This minimalist bedroom makes a pretty setting with grid on the side and grey cloud on the back wall. The modern pendants gives off interesting details to the room. The grey wall and headboard make a nice and minimalist background to the room.

Calming Accent
This bedroom also has calming details to the modern bedroom. the grey wall is decorated with birds while the pendants on the side of the bed make a symmetrical and gorgeous look.

Painting and Lines
This elegant minimalist bedroom gives out elegance with its lines on the wall and the headboard. It is also enhanced by the pendants and the calming paintings on the wall. This combination makes the bedroom a elegant minimalist room with pretty details.

Fishes on the Wall
If you love animal decoration, you would probably love fishes decoration like this one below. The fishes accessories on the wall are inside and outside the circle.

Yellow Fish
This one here is similar to the previous one. However, not only that it gives fish accessories on the wall, this one here puts yellow color that enlightens the room with its fun and cheerful color.

Shark Shape
If you love something more real and shaped, you would love this white shark decoration on the wall. The shaped is unique and artificial that even if it’s white, it gives a strong touch, along with the black fence behind the black headboard.

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